This dream usually is associated with the relationship we have with our partner.

- To dream that we are in a dance and someone we know, SAY US, TO WANT TO SEE US DANCE, it means that that person likes us.

- If we dream that SOMEONE WE LIKE THAT TAKES TO DANCE, or ask us to dance with her (he), which also means that person likes us.

- If we dream that SOMEONE WE LIKE, WE INVITE TO DANCE, BUT THEN SOMEONE ELSE WANTS take she (he) to dance with he(she), also means that person likes us, but we still use a little more than ability to conquer she(he) and no fence or not to us win.

- If we dream we're dancing with someone we like and we dips his HAIR TO OUR MOUTH, also means that like us and she (he) wants to we say something or to take the initiative.

- If we are DANCING WITH OUR PARTNER, means we have a strong relationship.

- If we FALL OFF DURING THE DANCE, is a reminder to not be so proud.

- If we dream is NASTY, advises us that we should not be afraid in our relationship.

- If dancing is COSTUME, advises us to be more honest with your partner.

- If in the dream we see the DANCE OF THE DRAGON (Chinese tradition) promises us wisdom and good fortune.


Table Dance/ Lap Dance:
- To dream that we are in a striptease bar or nightclub entertainment for adults, means sexual desires.

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