To dream about niece/nephew means news or one unexpected surprise.

- Dreaming our niece/nephew in front of a CLOSE DOOR, the dream tells us that even failure to achieve a final solution, plus we can even have unexpected surprises, we may be adverse.

- If we dream FAMILIES AS THEY WERE when they were kids, means lack of maturity.

- If we dream that SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS to our niece/nephew, means to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, we should take more seriously the important issues that we have pending, even those to we think are not as important, in addition to strive most.

- Dreaming with a little niece/nephew TRYING TO COOK SOMETHING but fails to do well, the dream tells us that we can soon get to have an unpleasant surprise because of our lack of experience and that we still have much to learn.

- If in our dream our niece, the dream tells us that we misplace your TURTLE, the dream tells us to be cautious about what we are doing or planning to do, because we could be left unprotected, That is, we can come to be in a dangerous situation.

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