Normally nightmares can be caused by several reasons, such as watching scary movies before bed, guilt complex, memories disruptive to psychological issues, but there is a kind of nightmares which, although rare, do exist, and are evil nightmares. By in previous sections we have seen through the dreams we visit the various cosmic directions and even see our loved ones who have departed this world.
But sometimes our dreams can not be nice, for reasons such as use evil talismans, invoking the underworld beings, because constantly have bad feelings and not stop thinking about how harm others, or even because someone makes a sorcery. It can happen when an evil spirit visit us in our dreams, or that leads to an underworld.

Such nightmares are very unpleasant, can sometimes reach constantly repeated in some extreme cases, can reach cause disease.
In this type of common nightmares come to feel paralysis, or even feel there's someone lying next to us.
To end this kind of nightmares, the first thing is not to be afraid, since, we must remember that evil spirits become stronger when we are afraid of them.
Secondly, there are things that can help us, like placing a silver coin inside our pillow, making a prayer before going to sleep, burning a stick of incense.
But if the case is extreme and we still have evil nightmares, we can do the following:

• If we are evil talismans and objects as a Ouija board or a pentacle, We can burn them and then throw the rest away. In some cases there who have been constantly invoked by witchcraft or what makes things difficult, the most common is to wake up at midnight or at three in the morning, since they are the most common hours in which such rituals are usually carried out, even, on occasions it is possible to get to see some element of the ritual within the nightmare such as blood, earth, etc.

To counteract it, the first thing is, that if we wake up at those hours, it is very important not to go back to sleep immediately, but to wait awhile, while the enemy finishes doing the ritual, because otherwise, the next day we could experience fatigue, depression, among other things. It is also important to do a thorough cleaning of our house, getting rid of all evil and objects final paint or change the wallpaper, as appropriate, in preference to choose colors blue and green.
After finishing cleaning the house, good order all (or at least the much as possible) in 4 and 5, for example, 4 or 5 pictures on a wall, 4 or 5 furniture in each room, 4 or 5 ornaments, 4 or 5 plants, and so on.

• Get a dog, and if possible to let him sleep in our room, but as long as the well educated, because we are dirt not will benefit.

• Besides having an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) in our bedroom, it's also good to have pictures of our guard angels, for example of our ancestors who have already match this world, but who in life loved us very much.

• Before bed, we say a prayer before an image of Our Divine Lady and we ask you to watch, then do the same with photographs of our Guardian Angels, to whom we speak as they did when they lived with us so that we recognize immediately and help us more, even if in the past we had a dog and has departed from this world, we must also ask you to watch, as they become our angels guard-dog, who have at mission to take care of our dreams, plus it can also ask help of the archangels.

• Another thing that might be useful is to follow the instructions for a prophetic dream or any of the rest in the first section of: “Dictionary of dreams”.

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