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Protection mirror

Sometimes it happens that everything we do we go wrong, in other cases, there are constant discusses; disagreements; continuing problems; we canīt find work; to name the most common cases, and it happens that we do not know why.
The reason is because sometimes there are bad people we have and we will make life difficult in many forms, including witchcraft and psychic attacks, ranging from the evil desires to elaborate techniques to try to do us harm, then in such cases, we recommend using this charm that is very effective to protect us from these evils, even in difficult days we can burn an incense stick next to it, to increase its power.
To make it, we need a mirror of approximately four inches (twelve centimeters) in diameter/length, and circular in shape, the ideal is to use a makeup mirror like the one shown in the image, since at its base we can stick a small magnet , but also, as it has mirrors on both sides of the frame, we can write, both on the front and on the back (Which is very good, since with this we can counteract attacks from the front and also attacks treachery). The next thing is to get a blue indelible marker to write on the front and a red one for the back. The best markers are the ones used to mark the DVD's and which are made of a fine point; with it we write the following prayer in sacred writing, so that when we do so we form a spiral as shown in the image. The sentence is as follows: The prayer is:
"Oh Racna protect me from all evil. Oh Creator of the Universe grant me the favor of your children: Mab, Arthur, Bastet, and Quetzalcoatl. To turn away the enemy forces and return harmony to the universe. I promise to be faithful and follow the path of good. Because only you, are God."

In the first image is an example of how it should be shaping the spiral, and the circle marking, we can see the charm with detail, and the name of the amulet is: The sacred mirror.

To write the phrase, this is the script we should use:

In this case we only have to consider the sounds, for example, "C", "Q" and "K" are written with the same letter interchangeably.

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