-- If in the dream we hear (no view) one of our BROTHERS calling us by our name, it means that our actions or what we're planning to do, we are endangering ourselves. This dream advises us not to be reckless.

-- Sometimes a name refers to another name, for example, if a man dreams that he is in love with a woman who is CALLED: "Saline" and that she corresponds your love, it means he will be lucky in love with someone and to know who it is, we can rearrange the letters to find out who it is, in this case it could be someone named "Selina" (s, a, l, i, n, e = s, e, l, i, n, a), even it is not important if we are missing a letter. And we can also apply the same method names.

-- If we dream a COP stops us but we managed to escape and were relieved because he does not have our name or our fingerprints and for that reason he can’t find us means that we got rid of a guilt complex, but also tells us that some things are better not say or comment.

-- If in our dream SOMEONE CALLS US BY OUR FULL NAME WHILE CURSING US means the same as above, that is, somebody wants to do us harm.

-- If you dream that an agent, actuary, officer or court employee tries to notify a claim, but fails to do so because NOT HAVE OUR FULL NAME, means that there is someone trying to harm us, but can’t do so; this dream advises us not rely too much, for example, not give our personal information to strangers.

-- If we dream someone tells us certain PERSON WITH SOME NAME IS A DEVIL, for example: "Will Morgan is the devil", and happen to know someone with that name or that last name, it means that we must be careful with that person, because it is dangerous, or that we should do everything possible to stop his evil plans, and that means the first or the second, depending on our current situation.

-- Sometimes a PET NAME we see in dreams, may have a similar name to someone we know or as we say to loving; in which case, the meaning of what happens to the pet is applied to the person we know.

-- Sometimes in dreams we see things that have a meaning that relates, for example with love and yet we see the sister of a friend who is very small or simply we have no interest in she, but happens to her name is the SAME AS SOMONE WE LIKE, then it means that the dream has to do with that someone we like and having the same name, because sometimes what dreams encode messages in various ways, as a kind of riddle we must decipher.

-- If we dream SOMEONE CALLS US BY OUR NAME, not knowing where the voice comes, the dream tells us that a family member or someone who we appreciated this in a serious risk.

-- If in our dream, we heard SOMEONE CALLING US BY OUR FULL NAME (name(s) and surname), it means that someone wants to hurt us.

-- If our dream is related to the name of a STREET in particular, means the following:
Sometimes dreams are like puzzles, and a particular street or someplace can relate to something that happened or happened to us there, and that we must consider, to not be repeated or as an experience, as appropriate.


- If we dream that someone has a certain name, and it happens that in our waking life we have a friend, enemy, acquaintance, or family (For example: A cousin), who has the same last name , we must pay attention to the meaning of other things we see in the dream and compare our current situation , since it is likely that the dream is talking us precisely that person with the same surname.
- Dreaming of someone who has two last names to we remember, because in our waking life know people with those names, means: For example, if we dream of someone who's last name is: Méndez Lombardo and it happens that in the past we met someone whose last name was "Méndez" and with that person we had a business relationship, love, legal, friendship, etc., and it happens in the present, we know someone who is his last name is: "Lombardo" and we have with that person: a relationship or case of its type, the dream tells us that the issue we had with who his surname is: "Lombardo" is similar to the issue we had with the person who his surname was "Méndez" so it is very likely to will happen the same or both people behave in the same way (as if the dream told us that the Mendez case is similar to the Lombardo case).

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