Nails of hands or feet, most often related to difficulties and concerns, but also should pay attention to detail, as if it is painted or ingrown toenails, the dream gives us more details about the difficulties.

- If in our dream we see a person whom we know with your nails painted of BLACK COLOR, tells us that she is an evil person.

- The INGROWN TOENAILS represent difficulties and sorrows.

Show all dream meanings of an Ingrown Toenails.

- If in our dream JUST SEE NAIL means money and difficulties in our family, so it can see compounded by discussions of any kind.

- If a woman dreams that makes MANICURE, this means that she doing things well (which is something that also looks good).
And if in the dream we see someone we know and that is female, making manicure, means she is a sophisticated person, who likes to look good and do things well.

- If in the dream we are making PEDICURE means we're doing well. It may also mean that we want to others recognize our merits.
And if in the dream we see someone we know making pedicure plus your feet look good, it means that that person wishes to recognize her merits, and at the same time the dream advised us that we must recognize her merits and if possible give a gift or recognition.

- To dream about PINK NAILS (painted of pink) means money difficulties, or difficulties in our family because of a new love.
But if a man sees in his dream a woman's foot and notes that she wearing a plataform black sandal High heels, in addition to note that having pink nails, represents a possible new love, but also tells him that it is a bit problematic and very faithful person (for example: The dream may refer to a woman who has been flirting lately).

- To dream about RED NAILS (painted of red), tells us that if we get carried away by passion to we can get into trouble.

- Dreaming about someone to wearing SANDALS and also noticed that her fingernails are painted RED, advises us think well, things and not get carried away by passion or by instinct overwhelmed.

- To dream that we TEAR OUR NAIL FOOT means it is likely to get sick soon.

- If we dream we hit a cousin or nephew and TO DOING THAT, WE TEAR YOUR NAILS means that we avoid hitting or fighting with one of our family (sister, brother, cousin, wife, etc.) because it, it can cause a serious injury, plus the emotional pain that could cause one of our small family (Son, nephew, cousin, or etc.).
But if we dream it to punish one of our children with violence, and accidentally we tear your nails, means that deep down we would punish him with violence, but we do not do that, because we know that could seriously hurt, either physically or emotionally.

- If we dream about YELLOW NAILS (Nails painted of yellow color) means money difficulties, or difficulties in our family because of that we are not thinking things right.

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