The bills in our dreams mean money problems, so if we see bills means money problems but if the bills disappear equals rid of the problem.
If the bills are from another country also means money problems but then also tells us that the problems come from something or someone from the country from which these bills, but if bills are fake, means, false poverty, that is, as when we constantly complain about our economic situation, but we're actually not that bad.
If it is money debts, such as an account statement, it means that if we are not cautious enough, soon we can get to see financially strapped and numerous debts.
For coins dream meaning is good, as they represent a sacred seal.


- If we see BILLS AND COINS IN A BOX means to avoid money problems in the future, we must be signed in our decisions, even if it seems we're being bad.

- Dreaming BROKEN BILLS or to the bills we broken, is to get rid of financial difficulties.

- Dreaming BURY BILLS means that we will achieve avoid any financial difficulties that may arise.

- Dreaming CHESS PIECES ON BILLS means that we will not have lost money because they have planned things well.

- If in our dream we see COINS UP BILLS, means that in the future we can avoid difficulties of money, but if I dream BILLS THAT ARE ON COINS, then it means that economic difficulties are approaching. And so it means if they are in a drawer, either coins up bills, or bills up coins.

- If we dream, with DIRTY BILLS means that there is something wrong or goes wrong (in our work or business), so that if not corrected soon, can cause us lost money.
But in our dream we see two equal dirty bills, tells us that if we do not start to defend our interests, and correct what is wrong (in our work or business) soon begin to leak money.

- If in our dream we see bills simply means that economic difficulties are approaching. But if we remember the EXACT AMOUNT means it is likely to soon lose that amount, for example: If we thought buy something that worth 158 pesos, euros, dollars or yen and in the dream we see exactly the same amount means that it is best not to buy it, since it is likely that this poor thing and we do not change or be of such poor quality and in the end we will not be useful.

- Dreaming about BUY SOMETHING WITH COPPER COINS, AND WE RETURN, BILLS OF EXCHANGE, means it is very likely soon make a bad investment, which advises us think through what we're going to invest our money.

- Dreaming of a BILL OF FABRIC tells us that money does not solve everything.

- If FIND BILLS OR A CREDIT CARD, says that approach lacks in money matters.

- If we FIND BILLS AND COINS, then it means: Sometimes, we need both the light side, as the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm, although it may seem that we are evil, for example, when someone scolds (without violence) your child because he did something bad, you might even feel bad about it, but it's necessary.

- If in the dream we FORMER BILLS means our money difficulties originated in the past.

- Dreaming of a GIANT BILL means that money does not solve everything.

- If in the dream we are HIDING MONEY means money difficulties because of the disloyalty of someone, for example, is likely to be someone we stealing or attempting to steal, this dream advises us to be careful as to how we keep or invest our money.

- If in our dream we see a bill that INSTEAD OF HAVING THE IMAGE OF A HERO HAS THE IMAGE OF A VILLAIN, tells us that we can soon end up suffering economic hardship caused by our enemies, which advises us not lower our guard, that is, not neglect, in order to prevent and avoid any difficulties.

- If in our dream we see the ticket AN IMAGINARY COUNTRY means we will not have economic problems (Imaginary poverty), but as long as we are steadfast in our goals.

- If we see a MEDICATION ON A BILL means that soon we will have to get help to avoid problems related to money matters.

- If we dream we see many bills, but do NOT DISTINGUISH WELL IF ARE REAL OR FAKE, means that our lack of confidence in ourselves, we can cause economic difficulties. This dream advises us to act with more security and decision.

- If in our dream we see several PAPERS or sheets stapled, and among them we see that one is made of the same material to a bill and looks at a bill, it means that there is someone who should not try to bribe, since only lose our money unnecessarily.

- If in our dream PAY MORE or pay for something we should not, it means something that we obtained recently, has a lower value than paid.

- If in our country are issued both paper-bills and plastic-bills or only paper-bills are issued, and in our dream we see pure PLASTIC-BILLS means difficulties that await us money because of something false, for example: That we bought something thinking it was original and was actually false.

- To dream that we FILL OUR POCKETS WITH BILLS means it's very likely that soon we will have economic difficulties because of something we are not doing well.

If in our dream just SEE BILLS, means that money troubles are coming, and the more bills see greater the problem.

- If in a dream we see bills with a STAMP ON THEM, means that if we insist on doing something that we know is risky, we lost money.

- If we dream we try STRETCHING A BILL the dream tell us to save money to avoid problems in the future.

- If in our dream we see a WOMAN TAKING MONEY FROM YOUR BRA means that for good luck in the economy, we should care more money and better plan our finances.

- Dreaming TOY-BILLS means that in future we will not have money difficulties.

- Dreaming BILLS OF VIOLET COLOR tells us to leave behind the things that just do not work, such as an unproductive business, work or underpaid.

- To dream of WET BILLS means disappointments and concerns related to money matters.

- The bills in our dream represent poverty and in the dreams WHO RECEIVES OR STAYS WITH BILLS, stays with poverty, for example: If someone wrestled for bills, who takes the bills is who gets the difficulties of money.

Show all dream meanings of with Who stays with bills.


- To dream about a CREDIT CARD means to approaching money difficulties.

- If we see a PAPER SHEET (BLANK) PLACED ON A CREDIT CARD, means our financial worries were over, but if we remove the sheet on top of the card, it means the opposite.


- THIS SIGN REFERS TO THINGS OF THE FUTURE AND IT RELATES TO THE IMAGE OR GRAVE FIGURES IN IT, or with other signs that appear in our sleep. (The images on coins and other signs may also be interpreted with help of a dictionary of dreams).

- If we in our dream see ANCIENTE COINS, tells us that something of the past to remember or consider, that in future we can be successful in our projects.

- If we are given dream coins in a BANK, means good fortune.

- If in our dream we see a COOPER COIN, means our economy will soon improve.

- If you dream of a FAIRY OR GNOME GIVE US SOME COINS, it means that God sent an angel to help us.

- Dream to FIND A COIN, it means good fortune.

- If you dream you looking for something and FOUND COINS, means you are looking for the Truth of things, and the dream augurs good fortune.

- Dreaming a coin of OBSIDIAN (a black stone, glass-like) tells us that in future we will defend our interests.

- If in our dream we see a PYTHIA OR FORTUNETELLER, THAT TALKS ABOUT THE FUTURE, AND ALSO SEE COINS present, it is a prophetic dream where an fortuneteller is an angel to giving us an important message about what can happen in the future.

- If you dream of a coin with the sign of QUETZALCOATL, then we found out the truth about something we wanted to know, and if the coin with the sign of Quetzalcoatl is silver means we should not worry too much about the problems we have because we have special protection.

- If in our dream we see a SILVER COIN, signifies good fortune, the same means if we see a silver coin in a drawer. And if we can distinguish the image engraved on the coin, the dream tells us that good fortune is related to the meaning of that image, which we find in this dictionary.

- If you dream of a coin of TWO DOLLARS, or any other currency, for example a coin of 2 euros, means that we must be firm in our decisions and or defend our interests, although it seems that we are evil.


This sign represents Truth and Wisdom.

- Dreaming of a gold BAR, tells us that we will have good luck.

- If you dream of a BOX MADE OF GOLD OR OTHER FINE MATERIAL and is adorned with precious stones, means good fortune in money.

- If we dream, we try to BUY SOMETHING that has a good meaning, WITH GOLD, tells us that we can get something good that is related to the meaning of what we buy, however we are in danger of paying more than their real value.
But if the thing that try to buy, have a bad meaning, then, means that we are in danger of being defrauded and not getting anything in return.

- If we are BUYING GOLD, it means that it is unlikely that our desires are realized.

- If we dream of a CHAIN JEWELRY, means the following:
• If in our dream we see a gold chain or any other material, means prison.
• If in our dream we see a gold chain (or any other) broken, mean that we saved from going to prison, it can mean that we got rid of a difficult problem.
• Dreaming of a chain-jewelery with medal, made from any material that has the image of a frog, it means that there is a danger of ending up in prison because of someone who is ill will and who will do anything to harm us, including witchcraft .
• If a chain with medal, religious scenes, tells us that we enjoy peace and harmony, except in the case of a crucifix, because then it means confusion, and or penalties.

- If we dream of gold COINS, means we have a promising future, and if there are shiny coins, means that our future will be bright (very good).

- If we dream FALSE GOLD, represents someone false (someone who tries to make us believe something that is not).

- If we dream that we have or find gold, but the most notorious of the dream, is that the gold is very FEW CARAT (for example: 10 carats), means that to have good luck, before we seek more knowledge in order do better.

- If we FINDING A TREASURE with plenty of gold, it means we will have good luck. But if the same dream, then we are spending it, it means that we can be cheated.

- If we dream of gold JEWELRY, tells us that we should be proud.

- If we are LOOKING FOR GOLD, the dream tells us that it is likely that our wishes do not come to perform.

- If we are LOOKING FOR GOLD IN A RIVER, is an indication that our feelings can not be entirely good.

- If we dream a beautiful woman dressed as a MUMMY and noticed she's wearing a gold ring on the ring-finger (which commonly takes the wedding ring), tells us that our partner is loyal to us (whether our girlfriend or wife) but if the dreamer is a woman, then represents a loyal friend.


- If in our dream we see a money sign ($), tells us that economic difficulties are approaching.

- If we dream LETTERS OR SIGNS THAT LOOK NO MAKE SENSE, BUT BETWEEN THEM SEE A SIGN OF MONEY ($ � S F), means that we must study more and prepare to face future changes and so do not get to have money problems or because they do not understand something.

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