In most cases it means that we are showing dishonest behavior or frowned upon by society. It can also represent a coward or informer.
But if the dream is constantly repeated, it reflects personality conflicts, which advises us to have more confidence in the opposite sex, or to seek medical and spiritual help.

- If in our daytime life we have a ENEMY (Someone of our same sex), and we dream that he is a homosexual person who tries to seduce us, and we correspond to him, it means that person Is an antisocial person, so that the dream tells us that we should not follow the game, for example: If that person attacks us, it is best to ignore it and not respond to their aggressions. But if we dream that when that person tries to seduce us, we reject, then, it means that we are doing the right thing, for example: That that person has tried to attack us in some way but we have simply ignored it, which is good.

- If we dream that someone INSINUES that we are gay, it means that we are behaving inappropriately, either inappropriate for our sex or something immoral and badly seen by society.

- If we dream that gay KIDNAP someone we know and in the end happens That somebody wants to stay with the geys, it means that that person is being seduced by the dark side (There are difficult moments that can get to accentuate certain traumas, which can lead to a person of weak character to incline by the homosexuality). This dream tells us that if possible we should help that person to strengthen their character and conviction, as can be through good advice.

- If we dream that someone of our same sex kisses us and leaves us a MARK, it means that it is better not to do immoral things that we can repent of later.

- If we dream that we perform homosexual acts but disgust you or is very NASTY, means that our sex life is hard and boring.

- If you dream that the PERSON WHO YOU LIKE IS GAY, means that we have no chance with that person, or that she(he) has some personality conflicts, which advises us to approach slowly and let first get used to our presence, and that such conflicts are often caused by an unconscious fear to the opposite sex, but with a little help can restore confidence and get rid of the problem.

- If we have been seeing too much PORNOGRAPHY (Most of all video pornography) and we have dreams that have to do with homosexuality, it means that, in order to avoid developing problems of sexual identity, we must be more disciplined in the sense To avoid excesses.

- To see in our dream SOMEONE WE KNOW and see it behave as gay, it means that that person has personality conflicts.

- If a woman dreams that her SPOUSE is gey, it means that her husband has personality conflicts or that he recently did something immoral.
But if she dreams that her husband having homosexual relations with one of his friends, it means that he recently did something immoral or prohibited with his friend, for example: Visit a brothel or commit some crime, to mention some examples.

- To dream that you are about to KISS SOMEONE FROM OUR SAME SEX (and there are homosexuals implications) but in the end we do not, it means that our personality is not yet well defined, which advises us to have more confidence in the opposite sex.

- Dreaming about our TEACHER IS GAY, it means he has some identity conflicts. It may also mean that we need a board that has to do with homosexuality, for example: Because we do not know how to be about someone who is gay.

- Dreaming about our TEACHER (woman) IS A LESBIAN, means the same as above.

- A TRANSSEXUAL represents personality problems, but sometimes represents a false and hypocritical person.

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