This dream reveals that in real life are accumulating resentment, fear and contempt for others.

- If lice we ATTACK reflects that there are people that we canít control despite considering them inferior to us.

- If the lice are becoming GIGANTIC and we cornered representing chiefs feared and despised at the same time.

- If we dream that we HAVE LICE means we have a feeling of contempt, fear, rejection, or resentment towards someone, in this case the lice represent a person we would like to keep as far as possible.

- When we see our HOME INVADED BY LICE, reveals our fear of criticism and gossip of others.

- If we dream that we are REMOVING LICE to one of our CHILDREN, means that we are trying to keep him away from bad company or inconvenient people.

- If you dream that you REMOVED A BIG LICE TO ONE OF OUR CHILDREN, and also gutted the lice, it means we have achieved away from him (her) a bad company or to an undesirable person.

- If we dream that someone we know we SPREAD LICE it means that we are accumulating resentment toward that person, or we are thinking badly of her(him) in any case it is important to analyze things right.

- If we perceive the bother of lice but WITHOUT FEELING OF REJECTION, fear or repulsion we reflect small inconvenience, loss or concerns that accompany a task that has made us tedious.

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