A lucid dream is when we realize that we are dreaming and in some cases, even it is possible to get to control the dream, the first time I had a lucid dream, it happens that in the same dream I began to notice that there was something strange, as something that did not correspond with reality and I realized that I was dreaming, and even try to modify the dream, but when I did, I woke up immediately, although after a little practice I was able to modify the dream. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

First we need a little patience, since, as I mentioned before, it takes a little practice, the following is to use the same instructions, to have a prophetic dream, with the only change, that instead of being 4 prayers , Be 5 and that every time you finish making the five sentences we should think, "This time I have to control my dream." Here's how we do it with the corresponding changes:

- First we do the following prayer five times at dawn, then five times at noon, five times in the afternoon, and five times before we go to sleep, for five days in a row.

Oh my God
You, who are:
Sunrise and sunset
Night and day.

I ask you to allow
That Quetzalcoatl
Introduce me
In the waters of Heaven.

That I can there
You divine word
your message.

Oh my God
Oh universal soul
From the City of Heaven
From the great Teotihuacan
Come in my favor.

At the end of the fifth prayer we think or say in our minds: "This time I have to control my dream."

    • Since the first prayer at dawn, four blue candles are lit in the form of a cross, in front of an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe)

    • It is important to fast, which should consist in this case, not to consume food or drinks from four in the afternoon onwards.

    • On the altar, that is, where we place the image of our Divine Lady, we must also place: One. Two vases with five white roses each, Two. A glass of water. Three. A photograph of our guardian angel (Family or friends who have already left this world), Four. One or preferably two circular mirrors.

    • An offering is placed on our guardian angels, which may be for example chocolates, and something more than they have liked in life (Our guardian angels in most cases are our relatives or people who already Have departed from this world and whom we greatly appreciate in life, that is, when they were with us in this world).

    Second In addition to the above, we sleep normally but trying to get tired a little more during the day, for example exercising, then just before bed, we think that we should wake up shortly before dawn, the case is, that a few minutes before dawn Wake up, and then go back to sleep, as we will be tired from exercise, it will make it easier for you to achieve it and not lose sleep, so that when we wake up we think about what we want to dream, then go back to sleep, and Then it is very likely that we will succeed, as it is not always possible to achieve it the first time, because it usually takes a little practice, so we should not give up on the first.

Note: The one that we try at dawn, is because at that time our psychic strength is greater, and the one we think of waking up almost at dawn, before sleeping, helps us to do it, since normally the last idea with which we fall asleep , Is the first with which we wake up, for example, if the next day we do not want to forget to do something important, we just think it just before falling asleep. And to achieve to modify the dream the secret is the following one: 1. First we must realize that we are dreaming, what we can achieve following the instructions that we narrated in the previous paragraphs, Second we once realized that we are dreaming we can change what We see, simply imagining the things we want, so that in doing so they appear in the dream, but the important thing is not to try to change everything at once, because the only thing we will achieve will be to wake up immediately, the case is to change things For example, if we dream that we are in a city and want to be on the beach, what we do is to get into a car and drive along a road that will take us out of the city and take us to the beach, then , If we want to see someone, we imagine that we do not find it, so, little by little, we modify the dream as we wish.

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