God is the spirit that created the whole universe, and has been named in various ways throughout history, such as: Racna, Allah, Brahma, the Great Spirit, the Law of Karma, The Giver of Life, The Creator, heart of Heaven, and so on. And the dream of God means:

- Dreaming GOD IN ANY true manifestations and representations such as: Brahma, the Creator Spirit, Sacred Tree, Holy Mountain... means that we have too much confidence in ourselves or great peace in the soul.

- If you dream of GOD AND DEVIL, represents the struggle between good and evil (May even be an internal struggle), or have not achieved the right balance between good and evil, for example: If in the past will made life difficult for someone, we can compensate by helping someone who is in a difficult situation, that is, to apologize or feel guilty does not help, the case is: First, stop doing what is not good, and Second: Trying to compensate somehow.

- If we dream that we SAY: "GOD FORGIVE ME," means that we feel guilty about something we do, this dream tells us that our feelings of guilt is unjustified.

- If we dream we say or think, "GOD HELP ME" means that we are worried about something, but at the same time, the dream tells us that everything will Okay, so we should not worry so much.

- If we dream that we ARE God, it means that we would have the power to change things to our will.

- If we dream that we are in grave DANGER AND SAY, "GOD HELP ME" "Racna help me", "Allah help me," "Law of Karma help me", or "Great Spirit help me" and so away from danger, means that all will be fine despite the dangers.

- If we dream that we ask God's FORGIVENESS for having done something wrong, it means that we have a sense of guilt.

- If we see God in HUMAN FORM and our dream is accompanied by a feeling of peace, it means that our problems will end soon, but if he is angry, it means that something is not right, so while we analyze our actions.

- If we dream of a MIRACLE of God, it means we have a promising future and the ability to help others.

- If we dream to play with a OUIJA BOARD, BUT THEN ask God's forgiveness for having done so, means we have a sense of guilt, yet dream advises us not to do that so bad to we feel guilty, because we can get to put us in danger.

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