- If it is OTHER PEOPLE who laugh, it means there is a danger of someone making fun of us.
- If WE are the ones who laugh, it means that we are not realizing that we are causing problems for others.

- To dream that our EX and her current partner had an accident and that we laughed at what happened, means that she (he) has had problems with her current partner, partly because of our cause.

- If we dream that the person we like laughs with us, but we notice that it is a NERVOUS LAUGHTER, it means that that person likes you, but there is something that stops her(him), for example, because he already has a girlfriend(boyfriend).

- If we dream that we want to buy something and when we are going to pay it, the seller tells us a very expensive price, but in addition the SELLER shows us a mischievous look or a mischievous laugh, the dream tells us that in the following days we avoid buying things very expensive because there is a risk that they sell us something that is not worth what it costs, especially because if we try a little we can get something much better at a lower price.

- If we dream that we laugh TOGETHER WITH SOMEONE we know, it means we will have a good understanding with that person.

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