A gift, in most cases represents a difficulty that is related to the meaning of the thing they give us; in some cases it means that we are lacking something that relates to the symbolism of the gift or the person who gives it to us; although the meaning may vary according to the context of the dream.

- To dream that we received a BIRTHDAY gift, means that although things look good, the reality is that a danger is approaching; So it is a call not to trust and be prepared.

- If we dream that someone gives us a BOOK, it means that to avoid difficulties we must study and prepare more.

- If we are married or divorced and in the dream together with our wife/ex-wife, we give to our CAT (Our cat pet), it means that in our marriage/ex-marriage there is a lack of sensuality.

- If we see ourselves traveling in a bus and it happens that an ELDERLY MAN GIVES US SUGAR, added that the person we like also travels on the bus, it means that we also like it, but it is better to avoid being too sweet, that is, avoid Go too fast.

- If we dream that we give SOME FOOD to someone, it means that we are good people or that we have acted in a good way with someone.

- If we dream that our FORMER MOTHER-IN-LAW or the mother of our ex-girlfriend (ex-boyfriend) gives us a new car, it means that our ex could give us something good, such as an opportunity to return.

- If we recently bought something or someone gave us something and we dreamed that GHOST comes out of that thing, it means that the person who gave us that object has bad will and I also add some strange chemical, either a harmful substance or witchcraft, which it advises us to throw it away or at least be more careful in the future, especially if it is food.

- If we dream that someone who likes us, gives us a BOX FULL OF LETTERS (Love Letters), it means that she (he) does not like us or that she (he) preferred someone else.

- If we dream that our ex-girlfriend (ex-boyfriend) kisses us and gives us a MOTORCYCLE, it means that she (he) wants to return with us, but at the same time she (he) wishes we were more independent.

- If we dream that someone gives us a MOUSE OR A PIG GUINEA TO DO EXPERIMENTS, it means that to avoid difficulties, we must observe, study, analyze and be more creative.

- If we OFFER A GIFT, it means that a happy time awaits us. But if in our dream we offer someone a quilt or blanket as a gift, then it means that we have the possibility to help others.

- If we dream that our mom/dad gives us a good quality PHONE, it means that our mom/dad would like us to have a better communication with her (him).

- If we dream that a certain POLITICAL PARTY is giving things away, it means that it is likely that our hopes will not be realized.

- If in our dream WE RECEIVE A GIFT, it means that money difficulties are approaching. But if in our dream we only see that they offer us a gift, the dream forecasts us joy.

- If we dream that SANTA CLAUS or one of its elves gives us a gift or asks us what we want as a gift, it means that we will soon see a wish fulfilled. But if we dream that Santa Claus gives us a horse or a camel, then it means success.

- If we dream that we exchange gifts with SOMEONE WHO WE LIKE, but her(him) gift is much better than ours, it means that this person is concerned that we do not like it as much, as she(he) likes us.

- If we dream of being given a TEDDY BEAR, it means that we need to protect ourselves from those around us or avoid doing risky things, since we are not sufficiently protected.

- If we dream that a TEACHER gives us something haunted or something that has a bad meaning, it represents a person who does not know how to give good advice (Tips that if followed, would ruin everything).

- If we dream that our girlfriend (boyfriend) gives us black UNDERWEAR, it means that we have started having sex or that we are likely to start having them soon, but this can lead us to a difficult situation, for example: A pregnancy does not planned, an infection, etc.

- To dream that we give a gift to an UNKNOWN CHILD or ENEMY, and that he receives it, means that our enemies expect difficulties.

- If we dream that our WIFE(HUSBAND) GIVES US A PERFUME, it means that she(he) wishes we were more kind and considerate of her(him).

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