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Dreams: Gr-Gz

- Receive a degree of authority, it means we have improved our situation.
- To dream of skipping a grade, for example, that we should move to fourth grade but upgraded to fifth, for whatever reason, it means we have done well and although we will have to adapt

- If in our dream we see ourselves as lawyers or law degree, it means that we will be responsible for someone's problems.

If we dream that we are in our graduation, it means that we have reached a goal and at the same time tells us that we are ready for other higher goals.

- Graffiti is usually someone trying to sabotage or to impose its rules.

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- If in our dream someone corrects our spelling or grammar, it means that we need to correct something that has to do with an important issue.

- See one granade tells us that we repress our anger and can explode at any time.
- If we dream to throw a hand-granade an enemy(s) and thus overcome, tells us that in our waking life we win a battle an enemy or at least we will cause him harm (In these cases it is usually an enemy that has been meddling in our affairs).

Grand Canyon:
- If we dream a person who goes on a boat passing through a river that travels along the Grand Canyon, it means someone who recently departed from this world are traveling to the underworld, which tells us it is important to pray for him, for God to guide him to the path that leads to Heaven.
Sometimes the dream is more explicit, and in that we see our relative or friend who recently departed from this world into the boat, but other times, you may see it differently, such as: How was young.

Grand children:
- Dreaming of one grandson, means we have a surprise soon.

If still alive, this dream means that soon we will succeed in our projects, and sometimes represents wisdom and experience.
- If our grandmother is exhausted, is a warning that we are being reckless, so you should look more our decisions and our actions.
- If our grandmother have already left this world, and in the dream simply see our grandmother or our grandfather, means we have unfortunate news, or that we should consider our own advice. But if they say something or something happens in the dream, we must pay attention to what we say and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, because in that case it is they who visit us in dreams to tell us something important.
- If we dream that our grandmother dies, means that if we ignore the good advice we give, something can end badly.
- If a child dreams he is in school, crying because his grandmother died, it means that if he does not put more effort into their studies (if not put more attention in class and study more for exams) something can end badly, for example: it fails the grade and that makes you feel humiliation and frustration.

means the same as above.

It means there will be firm in our intentions and feelings, so soon we will achieve our hopes.

It means that our emotional relationships will suffer the ups and downs of our partner's mood and the hazards of everyday life.
But if it's about juice, it means the following:
- To dream that we drink grapefruit juice augurs us the end of our problems and tells us that we will have abundance and prosperity.
- To dream that we are making a grapefruit juice, and suddenly it falls out and spills the juice, it means that health problems are approaching.

Graphology is the study of personality through the way we write, and graphomancy also discusses how we write, but also the ability of telling someone, some things can predict the future. Even both agree on some interpretation, but if our dream has to do with how we write or the shape of the letters, the meaning is the same as is given in graphomancy (See the following meaning) unless dream is very explicit and refers specifically to graphology, for example:
- If we dream that someone we investigated through graphology, then it means that we have a concern about an issue.

In this case the meaning is the same as in the grafomancia.
- If in our dream we see a written paper and most notorious of the dream is that writing is upwards, it means that we gift of control or that we are ambitious people.
If writing is down, then tells us that we are too insecure.
If writing is high, we know we are proud and want to achieve higher positions.
If it is low, then it means that we have low aspirations and little sense of the economy.
- If in the dream we write to someone we know and noticed something in his writing, means the same as the above, but the meaning is applied to the known person.

- If dry, speaks of resignation, which tells us that we need a change in attitude.
- If we are lying in the grass, it is a good sign that tells us that we have a good hope and wisdom for the future.

- To see a grasshopper, promises us some minor annoyances.
- To see a plague of grasshoppers, portends a disaster either economic or moral.

This dream augurs good relations with others.

- This dream can be caused by neurosis or a recent death.
- It may mean that we are going through a time of uncertainty and doubts. It can also mean longing for times past.

- If we dream of the ghost of a gravedigger, it represents a person who harmed us in the past and who could soon return to continue annoying.

To dream of gravel, it means that several difficulties await us.

See Tombstone.

Gray (Color):
It represents the indifference and depression.
- If in our dream, things look with a gray tone, or see a gray mist, it shows us our fears, anxieties, pains or our indifference toward something.
- If a man in his dream sees the leg of a lady wearing shoes gray and socks that do not match or do not look right, it means that there is a woman who wants to be his girlfriend, but also the dream it says it would be a depressing and boring courtship.

by letter.

It means success and prosperity, especially if we pour it over our head. If a container filled with grease is broken it indicates misfortune.

Great Grandfather/Great Grandfather:
- If we dream of a family that has already left this world, for example: Our great-grandfather, and then, shortly after, in the morning we have another dream where we are crossing a street surrounded by trees, where a car suddenly accelerated and we have to run, achieving cross the street safely, means that our great-grandfather or great-grandmother is now in Heaven and has visited us in dreams.
- If it is a prophetic dream (See: Types of Dreams), means that our grandfather or grandmother visited us in dreams to give us an important message.

Greco-Roman wrestling :
- To dream that we train Greco-Roman wrestling, it means that we must prepare to face our adversaries.
- If in our dream we see a match in which we managed to overcome, it means that we will succeed, but if we lose, it means a likely failure.
- If the opponent hurt us, it means we have moral suffering.
- If no one manages to win, it means: internal conflicts.
- If in our dream we see a fight and both fighters are bloodied, it means that we have had bitter, or heavy fighting with our enemies.

Green beans:
- To dream that harvest green beans or green beans, represents prosperity and security.

Green peas:
- If we dream unripe and still in their pods often presage the near marriage.
- If you are de-kernel we advertised benefits.
- If the green peas are dry, portends an inheritance.
- If the green peas are cooked announces grief and sorrow, and if we eat disease.
- If we dream of a green pea size of a ball, it means it is likely to achieve something good, but as long as we strive for it.

This dream tells us that we will have peace and prosperity.

This dream tells us that we will soon see the person we greet in our dream.

Greeting, secret:
It happens that there are groups of friends, or even a certain urban tribe that greet each other in a peculiar way or who have a special type of greeting, so that if we dream that we greet someone we know, in that way and he / she knows that type well greeting and we are even surprised by it, it means that we have a great affinity with that person.

- If in our dream we see a gremlin, depicts a racist and social misfit, which advises us to be careful with that kind of people.

Grey hair:
- To dream that someone we know who in our day life do not has grey hair, but in the dream we see with grey hair, means we will have respect for that person. But if it is an enemy, then, means that we have too much respect, which does not benefit us

Means decisiveness and action, or the inconstancy of feeling.

Grills, iron/Railings, iron:
- See a grill it means that we are missing an obstacle to overcome or that we need something important to do.
- CROSSING iron railings means the same as the previous one.
- If we see an iron grill DISAPPEAR, it means that we will overcome the obstacle easily or complete that important thing that we still have to do.
- JUMPING iron railings means that we try to escape from a difficult situation, which advises us to face the problems and not try to run from them.

Grim/Angel of deth:
- When in our dream we see the grim or angel of death, meaning that an evil spirit is bothering us in our dream, although sometimes means there is a looming threat.

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- View many power tools, of various types (Grinder, polishing, sanding, etc.), it means to conclude a pending job or do well, we must do more and look for better tools that common, for example, discs consultation, better books, ask for advice, etc.).

If we dream of a mill, it means good luck in the money whether it goes fast or this detainee. Unless we dream that we grind something, then it means: problems.

To dream of groans, augurs loneliness and sorrow.

They symbolize the problems created by ourselves.
- If we see them in time, before tripping or falling into them, it means that we are in time to avoid an approaching danger.
- If we skip it, it means that we will be able to avoid a danger.
- If we see them without approaching them, it means that there is a danger nearby.
- If we fall or trip over a groove, it means: Failure.

- If a man dreams that a woman whom he knows, asks him to groping her, it means that he has repressed sexual desires towards her.
- To dream that we groping someone we like but we do not feel anything, it means that if we go ahead we will realize that we have no chemistry with that person, that is, we would not make a good pair.

- If in our dream we see grotesque trading cards (For example: The garbage pail kids cards), advises us to seek help to solve our problems, it can also mean that there are bad feelings all around us.
- If in our dream we see grotesque collectible cards of trolls, (For example: Trolls dismembered) means that we must take care how we behave to avoid bad reviews, plus it can be at risk, as there are people with bad intentions around us who might try to take advantage of any situation to harm us in any way.

It is a dream, very common in childhood, and even in adolescence. What is really important is what happens within it, which tells us that's what really mature and consolidated in us.

- If we are to grow, it means that our situation will improve soon.
- View other person grow, predicts a help or an assault, depending on their attitude toward us.
- See grow something, predicts increasing something, depending on the meaning of what we see grow.
- See grow a coyote, predicts an increase in money problems.
- See grow excrement, predicts an improvement in our economy.

Gryphon, griffon:
- To dream of the gryphon it represents strength and agility. It may also represent the desire to protect our family.

Guacamole (Mexican food):
If we dream of guacamole or to we eat guacamole, it means that we are too angry about something that is of little importance, and advises us not to get angry too.
- If in our dream we see guacamole and other things that have a negative meaning, it means that if we do not take precautions suffer an upset; for example: Guacamole and paper money because the bills have a negative meaning, because usually mean economic hardship.

- If it is a baby, see: "Baby"
- If it is the passenger vehicle, see: "Bus"

- It means good in money matters.

Dreaming of that fruit tells us that there will be abundance and prosperity.
- If Guava is in poor condition, it means that good things can come when we no longer are.
- To dream that we are about to eat, tells us that there will be good things with very little effort.
- If the guava is acid or unripe, we will have to wait a bit to reach the good things.
- If someone takes it, it means that good things can go if we are not careful.
- If the guava is rotten, mean discomfort and bad luck.

- If in our dream we see guerrillas, it means that the malicious acts of some people in our environment, could hinder our affairs and projects.

If in our dream a guide helps us, it means we want to achieve new goals, which is good.

- If we appear as victims it indicates that we have a serious guilt complex.
- If we are the executioner denotes that we do not want others dominate us.

If we feel guilt in our dream, it means that in real life we feel guilty because we have to do something that could lead to a family situation (Or to someone) that becomes difficult. It can also mean that someone is suppressing us.
- If in our dream we hit our mother and blame, it means that we must avoid doing things that can lead to a difficult family situation.

Announces particularly unpleasant news.

Guinea fowl:
- To dream about a group of guinea fowl eating corn, representing a group of women who meet to mumble and gossiping about us.
- If guinea fowl are laying eggs Announces profits.

Guinea pig:
Dream of a guinea pig, tells us that we are being too passive and indifferent, which can serve us harm.

- Playing guitar in dreams is the surest way to win the love of the person we wish.
- If in our dream we just give a guitar to someone we know, it means we want that person to love us, or we wish that person show us more affection; depending on the meaning of the other things we see in dreams.

The gullies in our dreams are related to financial ruin, unless we avoid falling into because then it means that we will avoid a hazard.
- If you dream that someone is driving and falling into a ravine, it means somebody is ruined.
- If we fall into a gully means that are unlikely to achieve success.
- If we dream that we fall into a ravine or gully, but then we get out of there, means we will soon find a way to succeed despite the difficulties.
- If we dream that we fall into a ravine or gully, but someone helped out, means we will have a little help to get find a way to succeed despite the difficulties.
- If we dream that we driving a car and collided with someone, and therefore, the other car fell into a ravine or gully, it means somebody is ruined by our cause.
- If we dream that we driving a car and fall into a gully, means financial ruin, but if we dream that another car hits us and so we fall into the ravine, means that there is a person that may cause our ruin, which advises us red light a candle.
- If we see a gully and we avoid it, means that in real life we get rid of the dangers.

- A gum in good condition means success in our projects or companies. A gum spoiled, difficult circumstances of any kind.
- If you dream that we have bleeding gums, represents problems or circumstances that are causing pain and discomfort.

To dream of gunpowder means that we must stop, because we are about to do something that is too risky.

- This dream tells us that we will have a bit of divine help.
- It can also be a comfort, good money luck, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.

If in the dream we see a gym means that if we exercise we will have a longer life with fewer worries.

- If we dream we do gymnastics or exercise, it means we can have a long life, if we exercise and live a healthy life.
- If we are in a gym, it means that if we exercise we will have a longer life with fewer worries.

- If a woman dreams of a gynecologist, represents a concern related to the matrix (With a fertility problem or a disease).

- See our dream a gypsy, it means that we are afraid that someone disappoints us or deceive (Usually our partner), and in this case the dream tells us that our fear is unfounded and that we trust more.
- If the gypsies of our dreams are stealthy and menacingly reveals our fear of being cheated or stolen.
- If a gypsy caravan symbolizes a restless attitude and a desire to escape.
- If a gypsy tells us, fortune reveals that we are not satisfied with our current situation.
- Dreaming about a gypsy violinist gives us his melodies, reveals that we are too romantic and inclined to escape reality.

This dream predicts that we will achieve the sort our lives.

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