When in our dream we see the grim or angel of death, meaning that an evil spirit is bothering us in our dream, although sometimes means there is a looming threat. Either way, there should be a prayer, to counteract the wrong sign or to drive away the spirit that is bothering us, and any prayer dedicated to the Creator of the universe (God, Racna, Allah, Law of Karma, Brahma, etc.) is good, for example, the following prayer to Racna is ideal in these cases (Racna is one of the names of God, and means: The Creator Spirit, who transmits the order and motion to the universe): Oh Racna; You created all that exists, You give movement; As the atoms that the planets; to see you just look the order is in all things; since the order it is no coincidence; I can well understand in Truth that you, Racna, you are God, the dispenser of life; The Great Spirit, God, Allah, The Law of Karma, all are you, And so, I promise to be Faithful; and I ask not far from me.

- If we dream, we see the angel of death as a skeleton in a robe, and especially if we feel fear, means that an evil spirit is bothering us in our dream. He advises us to light a candle, preferably blue, but if we do not have on hand and as we fall asleep again, repeating the same dream, then we leave a light on and make a prayer.

- If you dream that the death can bring one of our family, but saying a prayer to God, and death away, then that family safe from danger.

- If in the dream see the death behind someone we know, means that person may be in danger. What we are advised to get a silver amulet, and pray for our friends or family.

- If you dream that the angel of death or grim want bring to be someone we know, but we fought with it and drive it away, means that the know person has escaped a danger. But if no one wins, or the dream ends before the end of the fight, means that the future is uncertain, and advises us to get a silver charm and a prayer.

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