If someone dreams of the married wife (husband), in most cases has to do with the relationship you have with your partner, so that if the dream is accompanied by positive signs, it means your marriage is going well, but if the dream is accompanied by negative signs, says that something is wrong.
But if someone who has no wife (husband) and ex-wife (ex-husband), dreams of having a wife (husband) (and this is someone you do not know in your waking life) is something or someone that is committed in some way, for example, a partner in a business, an accomplice, an ally, or a cause.

- If you dream that your wife(husband) we ABANDON means our relationship is not going very well, which advises us probably try to avoid any misunderstanding and place an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), above the header bed for these always protected.

- If we dream that we are ANGRY with your wife(husband) or she(he) makes us angry, it means that in the future will be better to avoid unnecessary arguments, as she(he) does not understand, of reasons and not willing to budge even though she(he) knows it is wrong (in many cases she(he) knows well and can even be distressed by this, but still not willing to accept).

- If we see our wife AS IS TODAY means we will have a surprise soon.

- If a woman dreams her husband BEHEADED or with CUT HANDS means that your relationship with your husband is not going well, especially because he is losing his social status or because their economic situation is not so good.

- If a married woman dreams that her husband gives her some BROKEN SHOES OR A BROKEN FLIP FLOPS, and she puts it, means that there is a possibility that is subjected to a life of hardship and money problems. This dream suggests looking for an extra income, for example: A job or business, so that in this way will not look as limited money.

- If a married woman dreams that her HOUSE IS FULL OF CATS, BUT HER HUSBAND remove the cats, and even meow when made then there is a woman who has been trying to worm her husband, but he has remained loyal .

- Dreaming about TRY TO EMBRACE OUR WIFE(SPOUSE), BUT A DEMON, pulls you, meaning that we feel guilty about something you did to your wife (husband) or by something we've been trying to do.

- If she(he) DIED, (no longer in this world) see meaning: Dead.

- If we are sleep with your wife (husband) in a FUNFAIR means our relationship is good. But if we dream that something nasty in the funfair, means that our relationship is not entirely pleasant.

- If a woman dreams that her husband HIT HER WITH ANGER, means that he is upset about something he did or supposedly did. It may also mean that you feel guilty about something, depending on your current situation.

- If a woman dreams that KILLS HER EX HUSBAND WIFE, or a man dreams of killing the husband of his ex-wife, it means that he(she) would like, that person away from his ex-wife(ex-husband) or harm that person somehow. But if in the dream, then to kill, he(she) feel happy, means must be more realistic about your situation with your ex.

- If we are married and we dream that our wife (husband) we KISSING WHILE WE ARE IN A HOTEL means she (he) would get away from the daily routine and spend more time with us.

- If we're married, and we dream that we are in a coffee shop (alone) and suddenly we realize that in the table opposite, is our WIFE (SPOUSE) LOOKING AT US means that your partner has not yet heard anything bad that has been doing, but if you continue like not take long time to know.

- If someone married dreams MARRIED OR BE MARRIED TO ANOTHER PERSON (someone like), means a desire for that person who is married or getting married in the dream.

- If you dream that your wife (husband) this MARRIED AT THE SAME TIME WITH SOMEONE ELSE besides us, it means that she(he) it is devoting too much time to something (for example: Your work, business.....) and this is why we are neglecting us a little.

- If WE ARE UNMARRIED AND WE DREAM MARRIED TO SOMEONE, signifies our desire to marry someone, and if we dream about children, we said we want to get married and have children soon.

- If you dream that we walk with our wife(husband) and suddenly we sprinkle of MUD means we take care of our reputation and avoid misunderstandings so that our relationship is not affected fence.

- If a woman is a mother, dreams of the WIVES OF THE PROPHETS, means you will have good fortune and blessings in your life.

- If someone married, sees in his dream to his wife (husband) sleeping in BED, AND HIS(HER) SIDE TO A RAT it means that someone is trying to steal or to seduce his wife (husband). What advises find out who it is and put a stop to this situation.

- If a married man dreams that his wife has a SON OF ANOTHER PERSON means she is dissatisfied and tired of the routine, which advises find a way, to please (exercise, take vacation, take better care of your marriage, grant a whim, and so on.)

- If someone married dreams that STRUGGLE WITH WIFE (husband) FOR WAD A BILLS (money), it means that in your marriage is a fight over money or money interests. But if one manages to grab the wad of bills to the other and go, coal the person with the bills, who will take the worst part (in a probable divorce, final divorce, a disgust that your spouse does not share or give more money, etc.) that is, who gets the bills brings poverty, and who is left without bill is who gets the money.

- If you dream that the wife (husband) of someone we know, chasing us ARMED WITH A SWORD means that person is jealous, because you think your partner is cheating with us.

- If we dream that our wife(husband) TRIES TO KILL US means that we feel guilty for something I did recently or that we should stop doing something that is not good, and is related to her(him).

- If in the dream we are talking with a friend of the opposite sex that we like, but who is married, and far away we noticed that YOUR WIFE (husband) IS WATCHING US, it means that she (he) are aware of everything you do his husband (wife), and if we try something with it he (she), she will notice. If in addition to the above, in the dream we see that happen shortly after explosions, and even more, if they cause havoc, tells us that if we try to relate to that friend, your wife take revenge in some way, which advises us to behave But even avoid any misunderstandings.

- If a man dreams that his wife goes out and he WORRIED BECAUSE DOES NOT FIND IT, it means that you are concerned that something is not functioning well in their relationship.

- If in the dream we are talking to a friend of the opposite sex that we like, but that is married , and in the distance we noticed YOUR SPOUSE , WE SEEING THIS means that he (she) is aware of everything that makes your wife (husband) , and if we try something she (he) is going to notice.
If in addition to the above, we see that the dream shortly after explosions happen , and even if they cause havoc , tells us that if we try to relate to that friend , your spouse take revenge somehow , which advises us to be good , even avoid any misunderstanding .

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