If in the dream we simply see a witch, let us see our unfulfilled desires.

- If in our dream we see the ADVERTISEMENT of a WITCH in the newspaper, it means that it is probable that soon we have to face a malicious person, able to resort to any means in its reach to annoy us.

- If in our dream a WITCH ATTACKS us or attacking us in any way, represent a female person who is trying to harm us using any means in their power.

- Dreaming of a WIZARD ATTACKS us or attacking us, in some way, represents an enemy (Enemy man) who is trying to harm us.

- If we dream that a WIZARD ATTACKS US WITH A MACHETE, represents an enemy who wants to us have a problems and disputes, or to get distracted by other things so that we cannot fight it.

- If we dream that a withc kidnap one of our CHILDREN, means that there is a female person who has been mistreating one of our children.

- If in our dream we see a witch(wizard) using a method of DIVINATION, to tell us something about our current situation, and we remember it clearly means that the same can happen. We can also look up the meaning of the things we see do the witch, as this can give us more details.

- If a man dreams of a witch wearing a garment, who usually uses his GIRLFRIEND, it means that his girlfriend usually does witchcraft rituals. It can also mean that her is able to turn to whatever means at her fingertips to get what she wants

- If you see a witch BECOME A HEN represents an evil woman who is trying to harm us.

- If in the dream we see or hear a witch(es) in the KITCHEN, is a woman who is planning to harm us.

- If you dream that a witch MAKES CUTS in the wrists, represents a person who wants to hurt you, and wants you die.

- If we dream that someone we know is a witch(wizard) and that we stay MUTE or that she(he) does something to keep us mute, it means to that person is bad and does not allow us to give an opinion.

- If we dream that a witch obliges us to take a PILLS means that there is a female person who has been doing us witchcraft, by means of strange substances that has been putting us in the food. This dream advises us to be careful with things to eat, especially if they give us food or drinks.

- If you dream that a witch try lo POSSES us, means we are leaning too far to the side of evil, because of our unfulfilled desires. It can also mean that a woman who is hurting you in some way (a person who uses or attempt to use any means available to them to harm you).

- If we dream that a witch makes a POSSESSED-DOLL become giant, it means that we have a very dangerous enemy that through gossip, intrigue, machinations and even witchcraft, is causing us to have many enemies.

- If in our dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW, and that person says she(he) is a witch(wizard), means that person could not see their wishes fulfilled.

- If you dream of a TRIBE OF WITCHES, represents a cult, lodge, band, or some kind of group of dishonest people. This dream we advises caution towards such people.

- If you dream that a witch WATCHING us means we have an enemy who is aware of everything we do, and this means that person is willing to resort to anything to try to hurt us. This dream advised us not confide.

- If we THROW WATER AT A WITCH, represents the possibility of defeat a dangerous enemy.


- The fact that a wizard or a witch, make us victims of a spell, is a warning for us to realize that we made a mistake we must fix, because otherwise we will discuss punishment in this life or the next. - Dreaming of a car possessed or bewitched, as if acting alone and malignant form without anyone drive, means we're getting carried away too much about the path of evil.

Haunted House:
- Dreaming of a haunted house, tells us that there is an evil spirit that bothers us. But if our dream addition to the haunted house, we also see someone you know, means that there is an evil spirit that is bothering that person and that leadeth to do dishonorable things, in the latter case, the dream we are advised to be careful known to that person.

- If you dream you are possessed, or that someone is possessed, it means that there is much evil around us. - This dream may also be caused due to evil have been practicing rituals, such as: playing with the Ouija board or the like. To avoid repeating this dream, you should stop doing this kind of rituals and a prayer before bed.

- Dreaming of voodoo (Witchcraft by means of dolls to stick pins them to cause harm to someone) tells us that someone is doing or planning to do witchcraft. It may also mean the continuation of envy, ill will, gossip, and or bad faith.

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