It symbolizes our emotional side.

- If the waves are AGGRESSIVE, it means that we must be careful with our instinct.

- If in our dream we see AGGRESSIVE waves AND IT IS AT NIGHT, it means that we must be careful with our instinct, since there is a danger nearby.

- If in our dream we see waves of DIRTY WATER, it means that if we do not control our emotions, we will get into difficulties.

- If we dream of aggressive waves, but in spite of seeing them, we DO NOT LISTEN nothing, it means that there is something that is happening to us unnoticed, besides that it advises us to be prudent.

- If we dream that a wave is approaching that begins to GROW and becomes giant, but as soon as it approaches us, falls or falls apart, it means that there was a danger that our uncontrolled emotions would lead to disaster, but in the end we manage to control them.
But if in addition, we see that while the wave becomes large, the figure of a stingray is formed on the crest, but in the end the wave falls, it means that we were getting carried away by our negative emotions and dark tendencies, but in the end we achieved control ourselves and avoid disaster.

- Dreaming of a wave of LAVA means that a problem is approaching because of our long suppressed passions.

- To dream that WE LET US BE BALANCED BY THE WAVES, means that we are getting carried away by the circumstances of life, which can bring us difficulties.

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