Water is mainly related to our emotional state, so if the water is clear and calm, it means that our life runs smoothly; If it is agitated it is because our life is agitated; If it is warm, it means suffering or separation.
On the other hand water is also related to purification, so if we use it to clean something, it means that we are correcting what was wrong, but if we get wet or wet with it, then it means that we have had many problems or That there is something we must fix.

To dream that someone offers us a bottle of purified water means that we will soon have good health or the end of our sorrows, depending on our current situation.

- If someone we know ASKS US WATER and we give it, it means that we have been a relief and a blessing for that person.

- If we BATH, it means that we should seek more physical and spiritual cleansing; It can also represent the desire to clean something, such as a lack or our reputation.

- If we drink water with BITTER FLAVOR, WE SEE YELLOW, TURBIC OR AGITATED WATER means disease.

- If we see the BLESSED water of a temple, it means health, and tranquility, unless there is a crucifix present, because in that case it means confusion or pain.

- If we dream that we drink COLD WATER, it means happiness, unless it is too cold, since then it means health problems.
If we dream that someone throw us a bucket of very cold water, it represents an unexpected surprise (something we did not think could happen).
If we dream that we bathe with cold water, it means misunderstanding.

- By COLOR: If it is BLACK means unlucky marriage; RED aggression and anger; GREEN (In a green tone) means immaturity.

- To dream that SOMEONE IS FINISHING ALL THE WATER, whether it is taken or that uses all the water, it means that there is a person who is being very inconsiderate with us.

- If we see a FOUNTAIN and drink from it, it means that our sorrows will end soon, unless the water we drink is dirty, since then, it means sickness.

- If we GET WET is that very soon we may have difficulties, we must make an extra effort, and review it all we are doing, to understand that sleep difficulties referred to, and it is important to pay attention to other signs and details that accompany the dream. It may also happen that someone put water in your mouth, in which case it means we must change the fitness or be careful what we say (Since getting wet, it means that we must purify, or clean up what is wrong).

- SOMEONE GIVE US WATER and we just KEEP IT, it means we're being too greedy.

- If we dream that someone offers us a GLASS FILLED WITH WATER, means comfort or health. And if you offer us a glass of mineral water, then, it means that our situation will improve.

- If it is GREEN water (Green water because of algae), it means that there are hypocritical and corrupt people to our around. But if we dream of water of green color (As if it had colorant but without algae), it represents immaturity.

    a. If we dream that we fall in a pool full of green water, but then we get out, it means that there is or was the danger of falling into the hands of corrupt and hypocritical people, but we achieve or we will escape them.

    b. If in our dream we see the toilet with water mixed with excrement of diarrhea, but also notice that the water is green, it means that there are hypocritical people around us who are trying to sabotage us in some way, even through witchcraft, so that we do not have money

    c. If we see someone we know and also see drops of green water (No algae, only a green tone), it means that person is Somewhat immature, which sometimes irritates and annoys us.

- To dream about HOLY WATER it means that we will have good health physically and spiritually.

- If in the dream we drink, we get wet, we burn, we throw, or spray HOT WATER, it represents suffering and / or separations.

- If a man sees his ex girlfriend and is also present the INVOICE OF WATER, besides that in the notes that the collection is of little money, it means that with his ex girlfriend had pleasant sentimental moments besides that she did not do it Spend too much. But if he notices that the receipt is for a very high fee, then it means that she was spending it too much (which used to make him angry, regardless of whether he showed it or not).

- If in our dream we see a LEAK of water in our house, it means that sufferings and dangers are approaching. But if there are many leaks, or water leaks from the walls augura duel.

- Seeing MUDDY water represents a danger to our reputation.

- If in our dream we see a spoon with WATER AND OIL represents a marriage, courtship or society that simply does not work.

- Dreaming of RAIN means success and is related to the other signs that appear in our dream, unless we dream a cloudy sky with rain, then it means that there may be some difficulties, so we should try harder.

- If it were a RIVER WITH DIRTY WATER, it means changes or difficulties, which we must face.

- If we see WATER RUN BY OUR HOUSE, no matter where it comes from, it means bad luck and probable dangers.

- If in our dream WE SEE DIRTY WATER, it means that moral problems or problems approach.

- If the water SMELLES BAD, it means badly acquired goods.

- If in our dream we see STAINED WATER, it means that moral problems or problems approach.

- If in our dream we see that a bad person THROWS WATER INSIDE OUR CAR, means that we have been having problems because of witchcraft, or negative telepathy, (earaches, diseases of the stomach, difficulties, fights, and nightmares); This dream advises us to be firm in our purposes, that is to say not discouraged, besides obtaining a silver amulet. But if we dream that after the thieves have thrown water into our car, we fight with them and we win them or make them flee, it means that we will manage to dominate those malicious people who try to harm us and can not hurt us.

- If we dream that there is a WATER WALL that has a door through which we pass without problems, means that if we manage to control our emotions, we can easily handle the situation.

- If we dream with WATER WAVES, it presages suffering.

- If we wet a WITCH, it represents the possibility of defeating a dangerous enemy.

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