- The DREAMS OF WAR tells us that we are still unsure, can also be the announcement of a disaster. In other cases reflects our desire to be free from oppression we desire no longer tolerate.

- If we dream to fight in a war BODY TO BODY means we have some inner conflict.

- If in the dream we see many CORPSES ON THE GROUND, BECAUSE OF WAR represents insecurity and depression.

- Dreaming of a war or a fight between GANGS is the announcement of calamities. It can also mean our desire for freedom from oppression not stand it any longer. (That means the former or the latter depends on our current situation).

- To dream that we are RECRUITED and trained for an approaching war, means that we must prepare, because a battle is approaching (legal battle, a competition, etc.).

- If we dream that we are in a war and suddenly SEIZE UP OUR WEAPON, means that we will face difficulties and setbacks that will delay the development of our projects. What we advises, be prepared and to not leave nothing to chance.

- If we dream that we LOSE THE WAR, means that we have very little chance of success in our upcoming projects.

- Dreaming of a war between ROBOTS AND HUMANS means an internal struggle against our taboos.

- If in the dream WON THE WAR means that we will succeed.

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