This sign symbolizes the separation or isolation.

- Dreaming about a zombie SUCKS OUR BLOOD, it means that someone who does not want us free or you do not want to separate ourselves from it and try to do my best to not let go.

- To dream that SOMEONE WILL TURN IN ZOMBIE, it means that someone close to us is to separate someone's physical or emotional.

- A WAR AGAINST THE ZOMBIES, our dream, represents our struggle to keep separate those who are near us.

- To dream that our BROTHER OR SISTER IS A ZOMBIE, AND THAT SUCKS THE BLOOD, you do not want to be separated from someone, either physically or emotionally.

- To dream that you KILL A ZOMBIE means that we will avoid a separation.

- Dreaming of a CHILD WITH AN INFECTED HAND, BECAUSE A ZOMBIE BIT HIM, represents an enemy who is trying to separate us from someone we love and cherish.

- To dream that attack us FLYING ZOMBIES, it indicates the possibility that someone from our family to become independent, and this causes us fear, we do not want that to happen. But if we throwing away a power, means that what we fear will not happen.


- If in our dream, WE SEE A GHOST in white sheets, means we will have good health and happiness.
- Dream with the ghost of an ANCESTOR, then there is a looming threat.
- If we see a GHOST BLACK DRESS signifies a betrayal from someone we know.
- If SCARES US, means that it is likely to face some problems.
- To dream that you hear GHOSTLY VOICES, means it is likely to face some problems.

- Dreaming about a monster, represent perversion, this dream tells us that we are being led by evil.
- If we're terrified, tells us that we tied to childhood fears and guilt complexes.
- If the monster is tempting, reflect confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses.
- If is conciliatory and friendly monster, reveals our tendency or our desire to lessen the guilt of our sins.
- If we run from it, we said that we get rid of our fears and complexes.

- It means that we must overcome obstacles in order to be free.
- Dreaming about an ogre out of a video game, it means that someone is manipulating, or repressing us this too.
- Dreaming about an ogre out of a game but then turn off the game and the ogre disappears, someone is suppressed too much, but soon managed to control the situation.
- To dream that you try to cut even ogre with a broken bottle, means we have the possibility of achieving prevent anyone manipulate us or we continue repressing too.

- It means we're going through tough times, or uncertainty.
- If in our dream we see a tombstone with the name of a relative or friend who we have not heard in a long time, and on it we see marigold flower petals, means that person has already left this world. The same means if we see the grave with the name of relative or friend we have not seen in a long time, and we see a dog go by.

Is associated with the desire to live forever.
- To dream that a vampire attacks us, it means that some people want to abuse us for their benefit either financially or otherwise.
- If in our dream we see ourselves as vampires, means we must be careful not to get carried away by our passions, or power.

- Dreaming of voodoo (Witchcraft through dolls to stick pins them to cause harm to someone) tells us that someone is doing or is planning to do witchcraft.
It can also mean the continuation of envy, ill will, gossip, and or bad faith.

- To dream that someone makes us zombie, it means that someone close to us is to separate someone's physical or emotional.

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