- If we dream of a BOILED EGG, it represents a promising project.

  • If we see a boiled black egg, it represents an evil project, for example, a revenge project.
  • But if, in addition, we notice that it has a lot of salt, it means that carrying out a certain revenge can bring us very bad luck in the future.

- If eggs ARE BROKEN , reveal the fear that our hopes will not come true. Fear of infertility, pregnancy loss, sexual failure, and unwanted parenthood.

  • If we dream that WE BREAK SEVERAL EGGS OR ONE, it means that there is a danger that our hopes may not be realized due to our lack of prudence.
  • But if in the dream we see TWO BROKEN EGGS, it means the same as the previous one, but it can also represent the lack of courage to face a certain situation.

- If in our dream we see BURNED eggs or eggs, it represents difficulties, frustrated hopes...

- To dream of FRIED eggs, means the following:

  • If they go well and we see each other together, it means promising events.
  • The same means if we dream that we eat fried eggs and they are nice to eat.

- If we dream that we eat a RAW egg, it represents suffering.

- If we dream of an EGG ROLL, it represents promising events.

-If a woman dreams of two ROTTEN eggs, it means the danger that her hopes will not be realized, it can also represent the lack of value of someone she knows.

- If we dream that we have chickens and we see a lot of STACKED eggs, but a moment later we see one of our chickens dead, it means that there is someone who is very envious of us and will try to find a way to annoy us, so we must be discreet, in addition to not trusting us too much.

- If we dream of TADPOLE eggs, it means that we need to work harder to reach our full potential, and then good things can come.

- If the eggs are WHOLE, it symbolizes fertility, marriage hopes, wealth and prosperity.


Eggs of cockroaches, spiders... :
- If in our dream we see eggs of cockroaches, tells us to seek more clean, since dirt can bring bad luck. You can also include a notice that tells us that we should not rely too much on those who are close to us.
- If in our dream we see eggs of spider, means that we must ensure more hygiene and or be careful with people who are close to us as there may be someone treacherous and malicious that can get hurt by treachery, or you can potentially damage someone in our family

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