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Dreams: Es-Ev

- If you dream to escape or run away from something, it means that we got rid of it. In this case it should also refer to the meaning of what we run.
- If we dream that we escape, but in doing so, we get too exhausted, it means that it is difficult for us to escape from a problem.
- If we dream that to escape from danger, we take refuge in a school, it means that in order to be safe from certain dangers, we must learn some things, for example: To be more discreet, to develop good strategies, etc., depending on the Other sleep signs.
- If in our dream we see ourselves as a fugitive, warns us to beware of our enemies , because they are dominant and vindictive.

- If we dream that we discuss religion and esotericism, it means that some people do not agree with our way of thinking, which advises us to be more moderate and avoid discussing certain topics or issues.

Esquites (From: made of corn meal):
- If in our dream we see esquites, means joy and prosperity in our family.

It shows our desire for security or quiet time to rest and think about the problems that beset us.

If in our dream we feel esteemed, it means that we will have distinctions or important economic gains.

- To dream that we say, or someone to tell us that something is lasting an eternity, then there is an issue that is taking too long , but the important thing is not to give up or be discouraged, but rather, we must continue working and have some patience.

- If we dream that we can�t connect our computer to the internet either by ethernet cable, or other similar cable, tells us that we have difficulties to contact friends or partners, or to contact someone who can help us in some of our work.
But if we dream that we can�t connect our computer to the Internet, but we insisted and in the end we did it, it means that despite the difficulties soon managed to contact members, or people who can help us in some of our work.

- If in our dream we see something that is not esthetic (In the sense that, as evident in the dream, is precisely that something is not esthetic), it tells of a thing inconvenient or impractical.

The meaning of the stomach (Organ of digestion) and abdomen (The midsection), may vary a little, but when our dream we feel pain in the stomach or abdomen (Any kind of pain) generally relates to anger and dislikes.

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To dream of a eucalyptus tree, means that we will be successful in our projects.
It can also mean that we will soon enjoy good health and/or prosperity.

- Dreaming paper money, means economic difficulties, no matter whether dollars, euros, pesos, yen, etc. Although sometimes (If we do not live in Europe) when it comes to bills of other states, means economic hardship caused by someone who is abroad or something that looks like a foreign (By appearance or surname).
- If we dream of bills of other states, but we see that these are false, it means that someone seems foreign or so, trying to cause us damage our economy, but can�t achieve their goals, even if in the dream, we can�t distinguish whether the bills are real or false, then, means that the future is uncertain.

- If we dream that we are hospitalized and doctors want to euthanize us, but we escaped, to tell the person we like: To we love, means that it is time to stop worrying so much and not to pass up the opportunities presented to us, as though that person would like us much, she(he) does not wait for us forever.

- If evacuation happens in a house, tells us that we will have sad news. If it is a shop, it means a change in the situation either good or bad.
- If evacuation is a ship we forecast debts.

- To dream that we evade our responsibilities, it means that if we do not soon take care of our affairs and responsibilities, we are in danger or we will face serious difficulties.

It tells us that we will receive any unpleasant surprises.

Evaporated milk:
- If we dream of evaporated milk portends prosperity and knowledge.

Everest (Mount):
If in our dream, we are climbing Mount Everest, means that we will succeed in our purposes.
- If we can�t reach or we fall, means that we will not achieve our goals, by our lack of character and conviction.

- If we dream that authorities evicted someone, but without we see exactly who are being evicted, means that the future is uncertain, for us and for our opponents, because one of the two will have to suffer failure, loss, humiliation or frustration.

If in our dream we are showing that something is Truth, means good fortune.
If it is a prophetic dream and we see evidence of something, that means the evidence can be very useful (For example, in a lawsuit or a major issue).

- If in our dream we see someone we know and we noticed that has an evil glance, the dream tells us to that person is dangerous.

Evil Eye:
To dream that someone makes us evil eye, means that a person who is manipulating us, or someone wants to hurt us and try to use any method at their disposal to do so.

- To dream about an evildoer means that there is a danger that someone will steal something from us, or the danger of being attacked by dishonest people.
- If we dream that we are an evildoer, it means that we must be more honest towards others; It can also mean our fear of being usurping the rights of another person.

by letter.

- If we dream that someone says the word "evolution" or "Evolve" means that someone who recently left this world and managed to get to Heaven. Sometimes the dream is when someone we appreciated part of this world and we are concerned about that person, so he(she), visit us in our dream to give us the message that he(she) is well.

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