The meaning of the stomach (Organ of digestion) and abdomen (The midsection), may vary a little, but when our dream we feel pain in the stomach or abdomen (Any kind of pain) generally relates to anger and dislikes.

- To dream that we have a BRUISED abdomen, it means there is something that makes us angry and hurt us, and the same means if we see one of our brothers(sisters) with a bruise on the abdomen.

- If we dream that an unknown CHILD GIVES A KISS ON the abdomen, it represents a dangerous enemy that tries to make us think he wants to make peace, but the truth is that is only pretending.

- If in the dream we see our spouse, or someone we know, at a CROSSROAD and we see that she stomach or abdominal pains, means she is too upset about something and it could take a path different, for example, that we're being unfaithful to our wife and therefore there is a possibility of a separation.

- If we get FAT indicates wealth and professional honors. If we lose weight indicates poverty.

- If we dream that we have a HOLE IN THE ABDOMEN and we try to keep us out the intestines, is a situation for which we are not prepared, for example, a situation for which we lack strength or that we would be difficult control our emotions. It can also represent an unexpected test.

- To dream that HURTS US THE STOMACH or abdomen, it means that we are doing too many tantrums.
But if we dream that our parents buy new things to one of our brothers but we do not, and for that reason it hurts our stomach, it means we feel anger because of something we think is unfair.

- To dream that someone we know it HURTS YOUR STOMACH or abdomen it means that something is bothering that person whom we know also that it is causing him to make too angers.

- If in the dream we see a stomach (The ORGAN OF DIGESTION), it means that difficulties and problems approach.

- If in our dream we see and take any medication for stomach PAIN, it means that soon we will have a little help in solving a difficult and troublesome affair.

- If we dream that someone we know SPILL LIQUID from a jar in the head and although we hit in the abdomen, does not stop, it means that person has made us angry and has no intention of quitting, by we must find an effective way to control that person.

- If we see SOMEONE ELSE´S ABDOMEN, it means someone wants to lie or betray us.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE LIKE, dead and with blood in the stomach and your spirit tells us, look what happened to me, means that that person had a bad experience with one boyfriend(girlfriend), who it caused a lot of anger, so we must be careful with her(him), as it could seek revenge through us, that is, is a person who is resentful of the opposite sex or at least people that remind her(him) who did suffer.

- If we dream that someone is STABBED US in the left side of the abdomen, it represents someone who wants revenge or harm (That we would really angry) because he thinks that we did something bad or that we harm to him in some way.

- A YOUNG MAN wounded in the abdomen or stomach and even if we see blood coming; it represents an enemy who is very angry and wounded pride, and yet warns that it is a dangerous person who wants revenge.

- To dream that we got WET OUR STOMACH, it means that if we do not stop making so many tantrums can reach sick or worse, which advises us to stop doing so many tantrums.

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