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Dreams: En-Er

- It warns us that we are in danger of being deceived by someone.
- Dreaming about an enemy tells us words of encouragement, it means the opposite, that is, to that person is to discourage us or make us believe that we have no chance to beat him. This dream advises us not be discouraged, because we have what it need to defeat our enemies.

This dream tells us it is important to expand our knowledge.

End of the World:
- To dream that is the end of the world, or someone says it's the end of the world, tells us that something in us is over, such as our beliefs, faith, pride, way of seeing things, etc., which in most cases is good, but sometimes can be bad. But the important thing is to seek the Truth of things, for example: What draws away the bad, is good; and what is said to be good but we canīt help ward off evil is not good.

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Enema (From: The process of pouring water into a rectum):
It means that we will have support for our health or on an issue, but with some drawbacks.

See "Adversary"

Energy Drink:
If we dream of an energizing drink it means that we need to act with more confidence and/or encouraged.

- If we are in an engagement with a known person in our dream, indicates being.
- It may also announce a probable marriage to that person, when the dream is accompanied by signs associated with married life as when we dream of a woman carrying an apron. The same applies, if woman dreams of a man with a sign associated with married life.
- If in the dream we see several women with signs associated with marriage, means that we are able to marry one of them, that is, we have several options.
- If in the dream, we get engaged or an unknown person proposing marriage, means there is a danger, at least in the same dream engagement is broken, then it means the probable danger has disappeared.

- If we have an ACCIDENT with an engine, it means problems and failure.
- If we dream that our car is MISSING PARTS of the engine, it means that recently someone stole a piece or someone could steal parts, for example: That if we take to repair our car with an unreliable mechanic, we run the danger of replacing some parts of the engine of our car for others that are already heavily used.

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Engine Oil:
- If in our dream we see motor oil on the pavement or a motor oil stain on the pavement, tells us that something is not working well. It may also mean that our bad economy is causing something goes well.

When a professional appears in our dreams reveals that something exists in the profession or in its symbolism that has a special importance for us and we can unravel special attention to their level.
To dream of an engineer talks about the construction of our projects, and depending on other signs of the dream, we will know more details, for example, if construction falls, it means failure; if we are running a large building, it means that our projects are large, and most likely see them realized.

Evidence that we let ourselves be influenced by readings or gruesome movies and unreal.

- To dream that we enlist in the army, indicates that we have a duty to society, if the dream is pleasant means we are willing to obey a superior will, as may be, to serve the country or even to serve God. If instead the dream is nasty, mean that it is difficult to our professional lives or our family life.

- If we go through a door and we do not see things that have a negative meaning, the dream tells us that we have achieved our goals or we will achieve them soon.
- If we dream that we enter through a door, but in passing we see that inside there is another door and we canīt go through it, it means that to achieve success we need to do two things, of which we have already done the first or the main, but still we lack the second, for which we will have to make some sacrifices.

- If in the dream we see a person who gets angry by our enthusiasm, represents a person that has us envious.
But if we see a person that looks exhaustion while noticed that he was upset by our enthusiasm, it means that a person with envy us, especially because his life is not easy, in the latter case, the dream we advised to be discreet to avoid envy.

This sign in our dream, usually related to the possibilities available to us, in other cases, it may be that we see someone or something in the entrance of our house, in which case it represents something that can reach or come into our lives and related to the meaning of what we see there.
- If the entrance is CLOSED: means that we still needed to reach a final settlement.
- If we have DIFFICULTY TO PASS, warns us that we will have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.
- To dream we see TWO ENTRIES, tells us that we have two possibilities or two things to choose from. It may also mean that we can choose our destiny, and it depends on the decision we make.
- Dreaming we opened the front door or our house and in doing so get a WHITE DOG, means probable marriage.
- To dream that someone BIG TRUCK PARK IN FRONT OF AN ENTRY of our house or of our business, tells us that there are some obstacles in our projects or that someone is trying to prevent us carrying out our projects.

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In this case, the important thing is to see the meaning of things we see in our environment: Mountains, rivers, valleys, roads, etc., and look up the meaning of each, and relate well to understand the meaning of the dream, for example : If we see a mountain, and almost on top of that, clouds, means that we will soon succeed. If we see a forest and is a nice view, it means that soon understands the cause of our fears, and we succeed in overcoming them.

- Envy a person, indicates frustration in the realization of our projects.
- Be envied means that the evolution of our situation will be positive.

by letter.



This dream tells us that we be concerned about our health or that we will be concerned for that reason.
- If we see a BROTHER(SISTER), sick means that the disease may be in the legs or arms.
- If we dream of an epidemic and also see someone with a DOCTOR MASK means that there is a danger that we infect of a disease, which advises us to be cautious.

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- If in our dream we see someone epilating, means we want to get rid of some discomfort or minor problems that are overwhelming us.
- If a man dreams that epilating, means fear of losing manhood.

This dream portends issues that are related to an inheritance.


Equal to (=):
- If we see an account as an addition, or subtraction, and gives us equal to three (= 3), means that if we do not defend our interests, we will have bad luck.

If we dream of equations, it means that we must defend our interests well.
It can also mean that there is a factor that we must find out, for example: If in the dream we see ourselves trying to solve an equation and our ex is also present, it means that we must analyze what was the factor that most influenced us to finish, as soon we might face the same problem again. r

- It means we have an opportunity to effect positive change, especially if it is the spring equinox. The same means if we are in a temple or pyramid at the time of the equinox.

When dream occurs in a bygone era, it is because the dream is telling us about something that has to do with a thing of our past.

This dream warns us that we better study the situation to ensure that our projects are met.

Dreaming of an eraser warns us that we must better study the situation to ensure that our projects are met.
It may also mean that there is something we wish to correct or fix in order to achieve what we want, but first we must analyze and plan things well, to avoid worsening the situation.

- If we dream of a man who suddenly gets into a pool naked then goes and gets an erection in public (in front of people of all ages), representing a person who has had trouble because he did something indecent or improper, and also all noticed it.

- A volcanic eruption means a change in our life, usually for the better.
- Even if we dream a volcano suddenly erupts and we are in danger, but we managed to escape, it means that we will achieve avoid a negative change.
- If we dream that a volcano erupts, and we died in the disaster, represents a negative change.
- If we dream that we climb a mountain and reach the top, but then begin to erupt, but managed to escape, means that we will achieve our goals at the same time that will save us from danger or risk.

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