This sign in our dream, usually related to the possibilities available to us, in other cases, it may be that we see someone or something in the entrance of our house, in which case it represents something that can reach or come into our lives and related to the meaning of what we see there.

- To dream that someone BIG TRUCK PARK IN FRONT OF AN ENTRY of our house or of our business, tells us that there are some obstacles in our projects or that someone is trying to prevent us carrying out our projects.

- If the entrance is CLOSED: means that we still needed to reach a final settlement.

- If we have DIFFICULTY TO PASS, warns us that we will have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.

- If only we are LINING UP to enter a place, means that the evolution of our projects take a little longer.

- If we dream that we are LINING UP, BUT WE ENTER, means that even when things look difficult and slow, we will succeed.

- If we are LINING UP, AND SEE HOW CLOSE THE DOOR before we get there, means it will be difficult to achieve our purposes.

- If we see a SECRET DOOR, means we have a good relationship with God and an ascetic life.

- To dream we see TWO ENTRIES, tells us that we have two possibilities or two things to choose from. It may also mean that we can choose our destiny, and it depends on the decision we make.

- Dreaming we opened the front door or our house and in doing so get a WHITE DOG, means probable marriage.

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