Such dreams usually relate precisely with our enemies or adversaries. And the dream that we have an enemy (whom we unknown in our waking life) or dream of one of our enemies if we know who has the same meaning, with the only difference that in the case of a known enemy, the dream directly related to him.

- If in our dream an enemy or the minister of a sect, we give ADVICE, it means the opposite, for example: If we are advised to do things (as if we were not doing well) means the post, this is, we says we're good and we're doing things right.

- To dream that one of our enemies we are ASKED TO MAKE PEACE, it means the opposite, ie, that our enemies have no intention of making peace, or reach any agreement.

- If in our dream we see one of our enemies and is also present a BABY, means that our enemies are behaving immaturely.

- Dreaming about a COP tries to stop or capture one of our enemies and to do so he(she) kisses him, means that our enemy is in danger of being betrayed by his own accomplices.

-To dream that we HIT AN ENEMY and in doing so BECOME STONE, means that we have a very strong and persistent enemy. But if by becoming stone is cracked or broken, then, means that we will defeat despite his strength and persistence.

- If we are not yet married and dream that one of our BROTHERS MARRIED (in this case the meaning is the same, whether a woman dreams of her sister or brother or a man dreaming of his brother or sister) WITH ONE OF OUR ENEMIES, means there is someone we like, but we think it probably has something to do with our enemies, whether friendship, complicity, relationship, society, etc.. This dream tells us that our suspicions are true, and we are advised to be cautious.

- If in our dream we see the ENEMY OR AN ENEMY, means we will soon have some help, also apply the meanings of friend, depending on how you look.

- If we FIGHT or we face our enemies, means:

- If in our dream we see the FRIEND FROM FOE, means the same thing, this is, apply all the above meanings, depending on how you look. And so it means if we see the enemy from a friend

- If in our dream we see an opponent with his HANDS BEHIND HIM, then one of our enemies, has few defenses against what we are doing, and if it's someone you know, the meaning applied to that person.

- To dream that one of our enemies said to have KILLED SEVERAL PEOPLE, it means that your waking life, feels threatened by our cause.

- Dreaming of a LAWYER who says it represents one of our enemies, means that we may have some difficulties with our enemies.

- If you dream that one of our enemies says LIVING AS RABBLE, means that person will have a deterioration in their finances, concerns, less work, and other problems because of the way they act.

- To dream that one of our enemies is our NEIGHBOR, mean gossip from that person, but if it's an unknown enemy, then it means gossip from one of our enemies.

- If we dream we fight against someone, who in the PAST WAS OUR ENEMY, represents the fight against one of our current enemies, and tells us to take into account our experience in similar cases, so as not to be overcome (in If we dream that defeats us) or to secure the win (if we dream that we win).

- Dreaming about an enemy calls us by PHONE; it means that we must show our enemies that we are not afraid.

- To dream that one of our enemies makes us a SCANDAL, it means that we will receive threats from the enemy, but if it's a stranger, simply tells us that we will receive threats from an enemy.

- If we dream to one of our enemies SEEKING INFORMATION, the dream tells us to be discreet in what we are doing or planning to do.

- To dream that our enemies will SELL HIS SOUL to the Devil, it means they feel anger and frustration.

- If we dream we SPOKE WITH AN ENEMY, it means that we want to solve our problems with them in a peaceful way.

- Dreaming about an enemy TELLS US NOT AFRAID OF US, it means the opposite, this is, that there is an enemy to fear us, and if the enemy is someone we know, it is just that person.

- Dreaming about an enemy TELLS US WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, it means the opposite, this is, that person is discouraged or to make us believe that we have no chance of defeating them. This dream advises us not lose heart, because we have what it takes to defeat our enemies.

- If in our dream we see an enemy that TRIES TO COMO TO OUR HOUSE, we are told that there is someone trying to harm us, and look for any means to do so from gossip to witchcraft.

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