- If we have an ACCIDENT with an engine, it means problems and failure.

- If we dream that our car is MISSING PARTS of the engine, it means that recently someone stole a piece or someone could steal parts, for example: That if we take to repair our car with an unreliable mechanic, we run the danger of replacing some parts of the engine of our car for others that are already heavily used.

- If we dream that a motor does NOT START, it means that something is not working well, for example: difficulties due to something that we are not doing well.

- If in our dream we see an OXIDIZED AND WITHOUT ENGINE automobile, it means insecurity and lack of courage.

- If in our daytime life we think to take our car to a certain mechanic, and we dream that there is a SNAKE in our engine, it means that there is a danger, which advises us to look for a better mechanic (And if the snake is green, then, it gives us more details, since you are telling us that this mechanic is a newbie and does not know how to do things well).

- An engine that STOPS, means delays in our affairs or projects.

- If it WORKS BAD, BREAKS, FAILS, DAMAGES, it means difficulties and failure.

- An engine that WORKS WELL, augurs success and good fortune.

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