It represents communication or that there is something that we should be aware of.

- If in the dream we see one of our LITTLE CHILDREN, WITH THE INVADED EARS OF ANTS, it means that he may be sick, but we have not realized it.

- If we dream that a BEE BITS US IN THE EAR, it means that we feel hurt by something that someone said about us. It can also mean bad news or gossip.

- If in the dream we simply see the EAR OF A CAT, it means that there are things that it is better not to say, especially because there is someone who is aware of everything we do and say.

- If in the dream we see EARS COOKIES (Cookies in the shape of ears), it means economic difficulties because we are not paying attention to what happens to our surroundings. This dream advises us to get a Talisman of good fortune (See: nelamoxtli.com/charmkl.html ), or fairy (See: nelamoxtli.com/fairies.html ).

- If in the dream we try to COVER our ears, with anything, it means that we fear that others will discover our sexual appetites or our dependence on someone.

- To dream that we have DEFORMED EARS, augurs a misfortune.

- If we see a DOG WITH VERY LARGE EARS and upwards, it means that we should listen to a friend or that there is someone who is aware of what we are doing.

- If one of the most notorious things of our dream is the HIEROGLYPHIC OF ONE EAR, means that we must pay attention to what is happening around us or that someone is noticing what we are doing.

- If we dream that we have INFLAMED EARS, it means: lack of communication. - WELL-FORMED ears means: happiness.

- To dream that someone WHISTLE in our ear, means that we must be careful with the gossip or murmuring about us.

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