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It helps us that we have open the doors.

Here is one told with the figure of a key and a heart. This talisman helps us that we have open the doors of love.

The keys of our house can also become a talisman, if we carry on a keychain that has a good meaning, for example, a key figure with the addition of a cat protection and good fortune, helping women to have fertility (As when someone wants to have a baby), and the men helped to get lucky in love, especially to attract someone special.

Here is a keychain with the picture of a cat.

Sometimes, for example in our work, people are hostile towards us, so in those moments is a useful talisman in the shape of a lighting, as this helps us to make these people change their attitude.

Amulets by

Here is a talisman in the shape of lightning.

A talisman with a figure to a heart, It helps to have good fortune in love. In this case, the ideal is that the talisman is of silver because the metal is related to the moon, which provides for special protection and also helps us in love.
This sign helps us, for example, to attract someone special, to resolve a misunderstanding, a relationship to protect, enhance a relationship... But we must also take into account that helps us not to force someone to do something they do not want, because that has nothing to do with true love.

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Magic Weapons:
Psychic or magic weapons, are another type of amulets consisting of sharp weapons can be put on and take various forms. Are a kind of spiritual weapons, so that when we use it as if they were planning to in another cosmic plane in which our guardian angels use them to fight the enemy forces, examples:

- Sword: we put two swords in a cross, for example in the living room to protect us from ill will.
- Arrowhead: Ideally, that are of obsidian and placed above the doors to prevent evil from there.
- Ax: Can be used as the above.
- Ninja stars: That kind of weapons can also be used as an excellent amulet, which is so efficient that can help even when carried out an exorcism, the ideal here is to place ninjas stars with four peaks, preferably two, one color metal and a black, above the front door or the room where we sleep.
The color that is a metal and a black represent good and evil, ie harmony, as they represent the proper balance between these two forces.

Here is an example of this.

- Swiss Army Knife: It's an excellent psychic weapon, as it contains two of the best weapons to cut the evil that are the knife and scissors, plus it being a folding knife can prevent many accidents, and has the same power, so that we can place it under the pillow to prevent nightmares and all kinds of dream disturbances to take as a key-chain to counter any type of psychic attack during our waking life (In difficult cases can rub the handle with the fingers previously moistened with saliva, remembering to avoid rubbing metal blades). In the following picture show a Swiss army knife to which only made a small modification to the cross logo, so you put a green dot in the center and one at each end, using an indelible marker of which are used to mark the DVDīS.

Note: You can use any model as long as it has among its tools scissors and a razor.

Placing a magnet in the money box, helps us to have a good economy.
Another important point is that magnets, especially natural magnets such as magnetite, are excellent for increasing the strength of our amulets and talismans, so that if we place them on a piece of furniture, we can add a magnetite stone. On the other hand, in the case of portable magnets, the ideal is to get magnets, the kind that have the shape of a small coin and stick them at the base of our amulets; But if it canīt be glued to the base, we have to get magnets as small as possible to be able to stick them on the edge.

same as above.

An amulet Merlin the Wizard, can help us to have happiness and prosperity, it also helps us wisdom and prudence.

Money and good fortune:

This talisman symbolizes the universal order, so that protects us while helping us. In the center we see the Quincunx which represents the order and motion of the universe. Some see the word " " which means God and is as was written long ago. It follows the word "Racna" which is another name that is called God in the ancient India. Following him swastika (Sanskrit word that dates back over 7000 years) . And finally we see a spiral which is also a Divine sign.

Here is the talisman of prosperity, which is made with a diamond of natural wood, in which we write the sacred signs already mentioned, using a blue marker.

Necklace of Iemonja:
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