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Having a well kept garden brings harmony in the family and in the place, and also we can have a source, we can bring harmony and good fortune.

Hand of Fatima:
This amulet protects us from the misery of disease, provides us with the virtue of patience, and attracts good fortune.

Above we see a charm with the figure of the hand of Fatima, please note that your fingers are up, unlike other similar trinkets, this is important, because in this way also symbolizes: stop the evil.

Health and Protection:
This amulet is ideal for protecting our health and the health of people who are close to us, both the normal questions, like psychic attacks.
Especially from psychic attacks, whether towards negative telepathy or witchcraft.
It happens that sometimes we have good protection against such things, so that if someone try to make ourselves sick, we do not nothing happens, but if the attack is very strong, can rebound and hurt who look more like us, such as for example, a close relative.
It is in these cases, that this amulet is very useful as it protects us and protects both those close to us.

Amulets by

Here we see the image should look like the amulet, which can develop with a silver coin has the image of a tiger or an eagle on it with a blue marker, such as those used to write to the CD, write the following prayer with sacred scripture, from right to left, forming a spiral, later we do the same on the other side of the coin, but now with a red marker:

"Oh Quetzal, Quetzalcoatl Oh, I ask health and protection for myself and those around me."
To write the phrase, you can see:


It helps to have good fortune in love.

In this case, the ideal is that the talisman is of silver because the metal is related to the moon, which provides for special protection and also helps us in love.

This sign helps us, for example, to attract someone special, to resolve a misunderstanding, a relationship to protect, enhance a relationship... But we must also take into account that helps us not to force someone to do something they do not want, because that has nothing to do with true love.

Helpful Hints:
- Amulets and talismans are things like cute pendants with religious images of gold and incense is burned in the churches.
Use is not bad, but if not invoke evil Beings, such as through the pentacle or the hieroglyphics of fish, to name a few.
- Metals and quartz are very useful as they are drivers of psychic energy, such as copper is for electrical energy.
- If we have a lot of talismans and amulets, we can to keep in a small basket.
- Carrying amulets and talismans with us can help us even more as it is important they are or have been in contact with us, so it is useful at times when we are in major trouble, rub the fingers to give us more luck.
- When things are difficult, we can combine the qualities of two talismans, for example: For the love we carry with us a keychain with the figure of a cat (See: "Cat") and a coyote tusk (See "Tusks"). Another example is when we face a difficult situation where we can take with us a silver coin (See: "Silver coin") and a pendant in the shape of a lightning (See "Lightning").

This talisman is ideal for health and to successfully face an uphill battle. In this case we can prepare it like any other talisman, (See: Blessing and activation of talismans) and if we have opportunity, we can then prepare it, soak in the sea, so that we can bring a little bit of luck.

Here is the picture of talisman in the shape of a seahorse, or hippocampus.

The horse is a sign of battle, and is an excellent talisman that can help us in a difficult struggle, legally, against injustice, to achieve something important, competition, et cetera. Ideally, get a coin that has the image of a horse, which can be any type of metal, although the ideal is that this made of gold or alloy, as most common currencies, which are made a mixture of several metals because they represent the force.

Here we see an ancient coin with the image of a horse.

How to clean talismans and amulets

General cleaning is important. As talismans and amulets, sometimes need a physical and psychic cleaning, for example, when they get dirty with dust or when touched by someone who has ill will. In such cases it is best to start clean with a napkin or paper with a bit of perfume of scented woods, and the ideal is the. And in the case that the talisman or amulet had written words with a marker and the words are remove for cleaning, simply re-write, the only important thing here is that you write exactly what he said originally.
As for silver can be cleaned with baking soda and lemon, or any other special substance for that purpose, what is important, because the spots are made in silver, are partly a result of negative psychic waves, and when we clean, we can make the amulet continue absorbing more negative psychic waves. After removing the stains we can do the same as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.


When we have a legal problem, ideally, it is a talisman related to horses because the horse symbolizes the key to victory in any battle, for example, a coin with the image of a horse. In these cases we can also be very useful a porcelain figurine of a fairy with red hair, riding a unicorn.

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