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The candles are also talismans, but lasts a short time, so it is not necessary to conduct a formal preparation, just clothing at dawn and a burning stick of incense, as well as garments, we must try to convey our wishes, For example, if for love, preferably to use a red color and try to convey a feeling of love, while saying: "To raise my prayer to Heaven" (The YELLOW helps us economically, the ORANGE to find a wife or husband that suits us, the white to have peace and harmony, blue for a project or start a new business, BROWN to fertility, Red also served when we are in danger because it gives us protection, PINK help us find a new love, and green with a lawsuit or any legal problem) .
Another detail of the candles is that they are the four elements, which is the same as the four forms as manifested in the matter, and they are: Fire (Incandescent matter), water (Liquid substance), Wind (Gases ) and Earth (Solid).
So that a candle, the flame is incandescent matter, the smoke produced by the flame is gas, liquid paraffin is a liquid, and the rest of the paraffin is solid.
Such talismans are very useful when we have many difficulties, mainly because they represent the cosmic tree or cosmic axis, through which we send our requests and through which we receive aid.

Here is the image of ecological candle, which are the best since it does not pollute, and lasts longer.

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Car, so that it never breaks down:
A car amulet is essential, because if we have a car or work with a vehicle; The fact that it breaks down is really annoying, therefore, so that the car never breaks down or if it needs to be tuned, this amulet will help us find a good, efficient, honest mechanic who will not steal part of our car.
It is made with a scale car, preferably one that looks like ours, but the most important thing is that it is silver in color and that both the hood and the doors can be opened, just like the one we show in the image.

The next step is to get a piece of clothing for our car, which can be a sunshade or a cover, which is made of fabric and preferably silver (since it represents protection). If we do not have any of the above, we must get one and use it in our car for at least three days so that it absorbs the vibration of our car. Immediately afterwards, we must cut a small square-shaped fragment and place it inside the scale model, as indicated in the image.

Amulets by

The next thing is to place a small magnet inside the model car and with a red marker draw three interlocking eyes on the windshield. Then, on the rear glass, we draw a Trisquel as seen in the image, and then close the chest and doors so that it looks like an ornament.
Finally, we need a small altar in our house, such as a painting with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a piece of furniture (table, chest of drawers, etc.). After the above, we must place our model car on the furniture (it should stay there as if it were an ornament), and we burn an incense stick (once lit with a match/wooden matches, we make circles in the air, three towards the left and then three to the right, trying to get the smoke to pass through the scale model and it is ready to protect our car, you just have to burn incense at least twice a month). r

This sign helps us have a special protection and good fortune. (in some cultures, cats were revered because they helped to end some pest and said that the evil spirits away) to protection, the ideal is a jade or crystal cat, and for good Fortunately, can be of metal or plastic.

Here we see the image of a talisman with the image of a cat that is very popular in Japan and is ideal to attract good fortune; and then a pendant with a picture of a cat associated with the Bast Cat-Goddess, and is an excellent protection, it helps to have good health, fertility, and to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Finally we see a religious picture with a prayer to Bast, which we can take with us to be well protected and have good luck in love.

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Cell phone:
A charm for cell phone can be a powerful talisman for lady, especially for love. So that the ideal is to put a figure of a fairy that is pink (Pink is symbolic of the love that you start) or this pink dress, as well we can bring luck in love, helping us to attract someone special you might like.

Here we see a fairy dressed in pink.

A column represents the axis of the universe and the sacred tree, in which case it would be ideal in our house that has a column to help support the roof, (We can do to prepare it at dawn, and with a stick of incense form a spiral watching to the column four times around the column, as directs us to each cardinal point, but looking to the column and said the same prayer that mentioned in the previous section), but if we do not have a column in our house, just get a picture of porcelain or other material in the shape of a column, which can be put in the room.

Crocodile and Cayman:
The use of leather of Crocodile or Cayman, especially if they are shoes, helps us to defeat of our adversaries, as in the wild crocodiles are animals very feared, and use their skin provide us with strength and makes our opponents feel afraid. It is partly for this reason that this type of skin is so popular because it is considered good luck.

Above we see a Cayman, which is very similar to an alligator, except that the snout of the crocodile is thinner, but both have the same meaning.

Crocodile Leather Boots

In this case, we must ensure only that the products are legal (Which come from breeding crocodiles), to not to harm nature.

Damages or Breaks a talisman, which happens if.
If one of our talismans or amulets are damaged, means:
  • If it BREAKS, is a sign of bad luck, but enough to get a new one so there is no problem. As that was broken, it is best discarded, because the bad luck would keep us, because then it would mean moving away what it represents.
  • If LOST is a sign of bad luck, because sometimes the enemy forces make our amulets astray we have no protections. In this case as in the previous one, is enough to get a new one to counter the bad luck.
  • If we STEAL a talisman or amulet, it means the same as above.
  • If we have a talisman or amulet that was made from several pieces, and DISARM, it means somebody is trying to destroy what we built (Such as a project, a business...) But the talisman or amulet has saved us from those bad intentions, in this case until the pieces are broken, it is sufficient to re-assemble them, so that we continue to protect.
  • If GETS DIRTY, it is because absorbed the negative-psychic waves that trying to harm us, but it is enough to clean them for remain protected.

Having a white dog that made of porcelain, or a charm of a dog, preferably silver, is ideal for married people, as it helps to have a happy marriage and protected from any evil.

This talisman helps us to increase our leadership.

Dragon, Turtle:
This sign comes from the ancient Chinese religion, and is ideal to prevent a disaster happens, for example, if we know that we are in danger, or if we had a dream that bodes very bad, we can get an amulet like this to counter the danger. Ideally, take it with us, for example, in a pendant, or on a keychain.

Elephant tusks:
Gives us power and strength to overcome obstacles.

Placing a small figure of a fairy (May be plastic and bright colors, but if it is metal, it can only be gold), and a gold-color coin (may be any material, including plastic, but if it is gold-color) in the pillow we use to sleep, helps us to improve our economy and good fortune.

- Eagle's feather: It helps us discover the Truth in any matter and also provides us with great courage to overcome any obstacle.
- Yellow feather: It helps to have wisdom and intelligence.

Feathered coyote/Coyote:
The sign of the coyote helps us to get lucky in love and the ability to get rid of any enemy.

There is also a sign of feathered coyote, which represents a link with who departed, especially our guardian angels and help us increase our psychic abilities.

Its two main talismans are:
• The Stone of the coyote, which are like small brown pebbles, and in reality are small tumors that usually occur in the heads of the coyotes and this type of talisman is ideal to escape from danger and to be lucky in love.
• Fang coyote, is ideal to escape from danger, and when combined with a charm that is associated with the goddess Bastet (Cat-headed goddess) becomes a powerful talisman for love.

It is not always easy to get that kind of talismans, plus it is rare for there breeding coyotes that do not affect wildlife, but another option is to use a stamp with the image of a coyote or the Coyolnahual as shown below:

(We can also write the following sentence to map the picture: Oh coyolnahual / Oh feathered coyote; / From where emerge the Cosmic Soul / come help me please; / I ask you to grant me luck in love / and get rid of those enemies I have; / That I promise you love / and make your fast.) r

If you want a talisman to help us a bit to our partner to be faithful, the ideal is to have a white puppy or give him a white puppy, since dogs symbolize fidelity. And that is a puppy is evidence of something that starts.

Frog helps us in the family harmony and prosperity. If we want prosperity for the best is a golden color, and if it is for business, it must be green, in both cases the ideal is to be made of jade or metal, then it should place them on a plate any material except plastic; subsequently placed with her seed, preferably corn, or four types of seeds such as, for example: corn, wheat, rice and lentils.