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Addictions, against:
See: "Zebra"

An amulet with the figure or image of an angel, that yellow dress, or have the wings of that color, protects us from those around us.

An arrowhead, preferably obsidian, helps us protect ourselves from evil, in this case should be put above the doors.

She is an archangel of wisdom, in this case we can print an image of approximately 1.5 x 2.5 inches, and can help us focus on the study, and so difficult to pass a test, the case study that is preferably in the morning, just leave the sunlight, and do so in a quiet, we can burn a stick of incense at the side of the image as an offering.

Here we see an image of Athena.

- Carry a small image (1.5 x 2 inches) of the sign Atltlachinolli or Burnt Water, helps us to obtain, difficult objectives.

Amulets by


Above we see one picture of the sign.

It helps protect us from injustice.

The bear is an amulet which helps us to be protected, and is ideal for children.

Blessing and Activation of Amulets and Talismans:
The talisman word, means consecrated object, so its consecration is part of it. As for activation, there are several to do so and are very useful, especially to increase their psychic properties.

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Bracelet or necklace of Iemonja:
This amulet is special to protect women and children.
In this case can be a necklace or a bracelet, these charm that we can do ourselves, with a strong thread and colored dots blue and white, placing series of seven white balls, after seven blue marbles and so on until completion.

Above we see a necklace.

Buddha was a prophet who preached the good and teach that the universe is governed by the Law of Karma (The Law of Karma is God), in the image below we see an amulet related to it.

Here is a talisman of the Buddha, which can help us to have peace and harmony.

Besides there is another Buddha amulet which is also known as Buddha, but in reality that amulet is not related to the prophet Buddha, the son of Gautama and Maya, because, although they call it in the same way, actually represents the Hotei Buddha monk, who is a good spirit who are entrusted in the East in order to have abundance and prosperity. To request your help we can get a picture of it and prepare it in the same way as any other amulet (See section: How to prepare talismans), then place it on our altar or elsewhere, we must put a glass dish with seeds, it is best to be five types of seeds. For example: Corn, wheat, rice, lentils, and beans, or if you prefer you can put on the plate a magnet and seven currencies.