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Sacred Tree:
The sacred tree is a very important sign, for example, we can see in the history of our Divine Lady, in Her fourth appearance, when Cuauhtlatoatzin wait Her beside a Cuauhzahuatl tree (Cypress). We can also see in the history of Buddha, and it says that the Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under the tree Bodi.
Trees, especially the very tall trees (Already rising towards the sky) represent the cosmic axis and the road to heaven is as if through a tree, the Angels come to help us, and his rise trunk our prayers, as a kind of link between heaven and earth. As talismans related to trees, help us to combat evil, and raise our prayers such as:
- Perfume with the aroma of a tree. Among the best is the smell of cedar, and the more natural the better.
- Woods, especially cedar and mahogany.
- Paper made from wood (Paper and blue ink to write prayers).
- Wooden boxes.
- Sheets of very tall trees.
In these cases, just have to try not to damage trees, for example, obtaining timber from their branches, but without cutting the tree, or making sure they have planted another in its place, so that there is no damage to the nature and thus preserve harmony.

Here is a wooden box
which we fill with grains of popcorn for not missing the money in our family.

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Saber tooth tiger
The saber tooth tiger, is the ancestor of the current Tigers, this feline tusks had fifteen centimeters long with those who could beat the bigger animals, being a sign of strength and courage, so the image helps us to overcome all obstacles, however difficult it may seem. In this case we bring with us an image of the small, approximately 3.5 x 2.0 inches in our wallet or purse.

Amulets by

Salt, as protection:
Coal and salt can be excellent protection, as they have the property of absorbing negative energy. In exorcisms, there is even a technique that consists of bathing the possessed with salt water (a handful of grain-salt/sea-salt is mixed in a bucket, and at the end the person is rinsed with clean water).
But it can also be used as an amulet, either by placing grained salt in a wooden box, which can be placed at home/work, on top of a piece of furniture or inside a desk. Salt can also be placed inside a small cloth or leather bag, in order to carry it in a backpack, purse, car, etc. Although it must be considered that salt is like a battery, once full, it will not absorb more energy, so it is convenient to change it every month, and the old salt can be dissolved in water and thrown down the drain, so that there is no trouble.

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A shark fang gives us strength and determination in this case, it is best to be a tusk of a real shark.

Shoes are important, and we also used as talismans, such as skin of crocodile, snake, lizard, deer, et cetera.
we can also buy shoes that have metal parts, such as ornaments and brooches, and to help us be protected from evil.

The snake skin (Especially rattlesnakes) helps us to stay away from us the people with envy or bad intentions, in this case, any kind of snake is useful, although the rattlesnake is the best, and that is because when someone annoying, sounds its rattle as a warning that it is preparing to attack their enemies and so scared and will not cause problems.

Here is a belt made of snake skin, which simply prepared (See preparation of amulets and talismans) to be an excellent talisman.

A key chain or a charm in the shape of a snail, which are made from silver, protects us from addictions, lack of sleep, illness of the mind, and partial possessions, in this case, it is important to prepare as follows in the previous section.

This sign helps us achieve success.

The plant sunflowers in our garden protects the place and attracts harmony.

To Home:
When you start building a house, it's good to put an amulet in the foundations, to attract good fortune, the ideal is to place a small stone of jade or one coin with a sacred sign (Eagle, Sacred Calendar, Quetzalcoatl, Sun, et cetera.). But if a house was built, we can put the amulet on the roof of the interior, for example, make a small opening, then place it, with cement paste.

The tusks us the qualities of the animal or from which they represent, and the most common are:
- Coyote tusks:
It helps us get rid of any witchcraft or curse, and we can help get rid of any enemy, for it is dangerous, it is best to be a real coyote tusk.
- Crocodile tusks:
It gives us strength and courage, and would ideally be a real tusk.
- Elephant tusks
Gives us power and strength to overcome obstacles in this case, the ideal is said to achieve a figure of an elephant tusk.
- Shark tusks:
It gives us strength and determination in this case, it is best to be a tusk of a real shark.