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Unicorns are the favorite pets of the fairies, especially the fairy queen, in the original history, Queen Mab usually we ride a very special horse unicorn who called because he wore a type of helmet with a horn in front, (Queen Mab was a prophet or goddess, very important to the ancient Celts) today her history, it related Between tales and legends.
As an amulet the unicorn symbolizes the dreams, magic, wishes, purity, provides inspiration, protects children and helps us win important the battles.

Venus is also called the bright sunrise and sunset, usually what we see as a star is next to the moon. The best way to represent it as a star beside the moon waning in the fourth and then in the same way, but with the quarter moon rising, we can tax, for example in a piece of wood. This talisman can help us to start a new project with success. We also provide good protection.

White Elephant :
In this case it may be a picture of an ornament or amulet, and it's good to have the tube upward, which helps us to have wealth and fertility.

To get a job, the ideal is a clover with 5 coins like the one shown below, in which a marker engraved with the word "work" with holy scripture, which we see in the section on how to prepare talismans and amulets.

Amulets by

Xochiquetzal is the goddess of love and beauty, in this case, we can draw a flower with a down marker or pink, cedar wood, 2.5 x 1.5 , so we can help convey the qualities of the goddess of love and beauty.

This talisman helps us recover a little youth and is a sign that symbolizes the universal order that protects us while helping us to have youth. In the center we see the Quincunx which represents the order and motion of the universe. Some see the word "Dioz" which means God and is as was written long ago. It follows the word "Racna" which is another name that is called God in the ancient India. Following him swastika (Sanskrit word that dates back over 7000 years) . And finally we see a spiral which is also a Divine sign.
Here is the talisman of youth, which is made with a silver coin with the image of a tiger (Also, you can do with a currency that has taxed the image of an eagle), which we write with blue, the sacred signs already mentioned, and write about a circle using the following prayer sacred writing in red ink: "Oh God, grant me my youth and health."
To write the sentence, we can see:
Sacred scripture>>

Zebra (Health and Determination):
The zebra is an indomitable animal, that cannot be tamed, for that reason, your image can be an excellent amulet for health and determination, for example: If you're having a difficult situation because of an addiction, or a psychological disorder that makes us behave in a way we do not want, we can use this amulet to increase our determination and our health.
In this case it may be a stamp with the image of a zebra, or a metal charm, preferably silver or titanium (If a picture behind it must write the following prayer: "Oh God, Oh Racna, let me have the strength to be master of my being, and my destiny" and we take it with us, in our wallet or purse.)

Depending on the case, we can also write or say the following prayer at least two times per day

Oh God,/ I ask you to accompany me/ on my way in this world./ For my honor not stain,/ and my loved ones/ not stay away from me./ And my guardian angel/ be there constantly to remind me,/ to tell me,/ that I am wrong to (Get high, intoxicate... Depending on the problem that we have)./ For that,/ I only caused hurt/ and offend those who love me./ So I ask God/ and my guardian angels/ to give me strength/ to correct my path.

(Note: This prayer begins with the name of Racna, which is the first name of God, and is exactly like saying: God, Allah, Brahma, the Great Spirit, etc., since it is the same Being).

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