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In this case we can try to get a quartz stone, this is where two roads cross. This talisman can help us make right decisions.

The spreads a bit of lotion or perfume that we used, in amulets and talismans to help us to work better.

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For pets, they are also likely to consider as amulets, which can protect us from danger and misfortune, but it is important to treat them well.
In this case, we can help in several ways, for example when we go out to the street where we are exposed to various dangers. So that sometimes can happen that some day we would have an accident. What would have caused us to break a leg, but we had a pet, it happens that the run was our mascot who broke a leg, that is, received rather than harm us. And if there was danger of dying, who had died would have been our mascot, so it is good to have at least one pet at home.
In addition, our pets can help us in several ways, for example, if someone is married and want to protect your marriage can have a white dog as a pet because they are very lucky in these cases. If we want to protect from sorcery and envy, the ideal is to have a cat, preferably a Siamese.
Another thing we know is that our pets that like to show them appreciation, for example, buying a beautiful necklace of blue or pink, depending on their sex and to bring us more luck we can add to the necklace, a amulet, so that if we are lucky in love, the ideal is a heart-shaped charm

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The Phoenix is one sign of the Cycles of time, is said to die back after five hundred years after emerging from its own ashes, is also known as the bird of fire, and as a talisman to help us recover from a failure or a disappointment, it helps us win the final victory, to find the Truth of things, to rebuild a business or project, and protects us from evil, it is both a talisman and an amulet.

In these cases we must look for one with the sign or image that we need also preferably should be of gold or silver, in addition to the benefits of sign, we provide special protection.

Protection and Health:
See: "Health and Protection".

Protection against witchcraft and psychic attacks:
Sometimes it happens that everything we do we go wrong, in other cases, there are constant discusses; disagreements; continuing problems; we cant find work; to name the most common cases, and it happens that we do not know why.
The reason is because sometimes there are bad people we have and we will make life difficult in many forms, including witchcraft and psychic attacks, ranging from the evil desires to elaborate techniques to try to do us harm, then in such cases, we recommend using this charm that is very effective to protect us from these evils, even in difficult days we can burn an incense stick next to it, to increase its power.
To make it, we need a mirror of approximately four inches (twelve centimeters) in diameter/length, and circular in shape, the ideal is to use a makeup mirror like the one shown in the image, since at its base we can stick a small magnet , but also, as it has mirrors on both sides of the frame, we can write, both on the front and on the back (Which is very good, since with this we can counteract attacks from the front and also attacks treachery). The next thing is to get a blue indelible marker to write on the front and a red one for the back. The best markers are the ones used to mark the DVD's and which are made of a fine point; with it we write the following prayer in sacred writing, so that when we do so we form a spiral as shown in the image. The sentence is as follows: The prayer is:
"Oh Racna protect me from all evil. Oh Creator of the Universe grant me the favor of your children: Mab, Arthur, Bastet, and Quetzalcoatl. To turn away the enemy forces and return harmony to the universe. I promise to be faithful and follow the path of good. Because only you, are God." To write the phrase, you can see:

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In the first image is an example of how it should be shaping the spiral, and the circle marking, we can see the charm with detail, and the name of the amulet is: The sacred mirror. r

Quetzalpapalotl means feathered butterfly and this is the most important of the prophetess, the sign is a bird that is the combination of an eagle and a butterfly and has done a plume of red and blue feathers. This talisman helps us to be strong in difficult situations, helps us find the Truth of things, to protect our home from any enemy, overcome difficulties and win any battle.

Above we see an image with the image of the sign Quetzalpapalotl, which can print on a card about 12 x 2 inches, so that we can carry in your handbag or wallet.

This sign helps us to put things back to the natural order, to discover the Truth of any matter, protects us against evil, and helps us achieve our good objectives.

Here we see two ways to represent the Quincunce in the picture a, we see a central point, and about four points, representing the four directions of the universe. In figure b , we see another way of representing the order and movement of the universe. So that when the sign is from left to right, it means progress, and when that from right to left represents the origin of all the things. the figure a we can write in important documents or anything else we want to protect, and the figure b , we can be carry in a charm or keychain and can be of any material.

The relics are mainly objects that belonged to him who was very noticeable or important in some way, and they can be from something that belonged to a relative, ancestor, hero, and so on. The fact is that if we keep in a special place, such as a cabinet gracing a bookcase, can be very powerful amulets, for example, something that belonged to someone who was very noticeable in science can help us have good ideas everything that has to do with science that he(she) has studied. In religions they are also often given great importance to all kinds of relics, from hair, bones to objects used by the person. Although in practice ideally they are preferably objects you using the person and are of metal or organic materials such as wood, cloth...

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