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Perfumes and pseudonyms as charms

Spreading a little of the lotion or perfume that we use on the amulets and talismans helps us to make them work better.

Perfumes can also be very useful as protection against witchcraft. The point is that when a sorcerer wants to harm someone, he will necessarily require the full name of his victim, organic matter or a dirty garment, since when performing a ritual, he needs to provide an evil spirit with an objective, so that he can find the victim, and even when it will place an infested object inside the victim's house/work, the entity will not attack anyone until it is sure that it is its target, whether it hears someone calling the victim by name (Hence, many famous artists, religious and politicians often use pseudonyms, as it is an excellent protection), or that you can perceive their smell or vibration, which, for a spirit, comes to the same thing. The fact is that a dirty garment contains the person's scent, but when we use a very strong-smelling perfume (One of those that just smelling them causes us a headache because of how penetrating they are) we confuse the evil spirits.

Regarding pseudonyms or nicknames, if we have the opportunity to use a pseudonym in our work, we will have a good protection, but even nicknames can be very useful (As long as they are not too derogatory), the important thing is that in situations difficult let's use our real names or surnames as little as possible. And the same with the credentials, so that if it is not strictly necessary to carry a credential, it is best not to carry it with us.

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