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Amulet against vices

This amulet, called: �The Zaablenahual Prayer�, is ideal for leaving alcoholism, drug addiction, homosexuality and other vices. It consists of a small stamp the size of a credit card that we must carry in our wallet or bag, in which we see the image of the great Zaablenahual, which is a sacred totem, which is a feathered saber-toothed tiger.

To make this amulet, we must start by printing two images (the ones we see below), one with text and one without text, you just have to copy the image and insert it into a text sheet (Word) or print it directly, but the point is that we calculate that it comes out the size of a card, preferably in color on cardboard-type paper.

The next step is extremely important, since we must do it at the precise moment when we are most angry, furious or humiliated, for example: After being fired for arriving at work drunk; after having seen ourselves very badly in front of others, due to vice, etc. The point is that for that reason we need to carry with us the two cards, one with the prayer and the other without text to be able to write on it, plus a black pen, so that in that moment of anger, we copy the prayer to the card. corresponding (in our own hand and handwriting, and still disturbed by anger). This must be that way, because that energy resulting from our own anger will be what gives psychic power and consent to the amulet.
The next thing will be that, as soon as we have the opportunity, we burn an incense stick with the aroma of a tree or wood (sandalwood, cedar, etc.), and pass the stamp through the smoke forming circles, first three to the left, and then three to the right. And that's it, we just have to place it in our wallet or bag, to be fully protected.

In addition to the above, the ideal is to pass it through incense, as we indicated in the previous paragraph, once or twice a month to maintain its strength and effectiveness.

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