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Candles are also amulets, although they last a short time, so it is not necessary to carry out a formal preparation; it is enough to light and burn a stick of incense, as well as garments, we must try to convey our wishes.


- BLUE is associated with the Heaven, so it helps us act with honesty, fidelity, and honor. It can also inspire honor and fidelity in others, as deep down everyone appreciates these qualities, and if we act well, sooner or later we will be reciprocated in the same way. However, sometimes we need a little help, such as lighting a blue candle.

- BROWN to fertility.

- GREEN with a lawsuit or any legal problem. or to remove obstacles.

- ORANGE to find a wife or husband that suits us, the white to have peace and harmony.

- PINK help us find a new love.

- if for love, preferably to use a RED color and try to convey a feeling of love, while saying: "To raise my prayer to Heaven".
Red also served when we are in danger because it gives us protection.

- YELLOW helps us economically.

Here is the image of ecological candles in the shape of candy, which are the best since it does not pollute, and lasts longer.


Another detail about candles is that they embody the five elements, which are the same as the movement and the four forms in which matter manifests: Fire (incandescent matter), Water (liquid matter), Wind (gases), and Earth (solids). In a candle, the flame is the incandescent matter, the smoke produced by the flame is the gas, the melted paraffin is the liquid, and the remaining paraffin is the solid. Additionally, there is movement in the flame, the smoke, and the melting paraffin. These types of talismans are very useful when we face many difficulties, especially because they represent the cosmic tree or cosmic axis, through which we send our requests and receive help from benevolent spirits.


Besides the above, the candles help us remove obstacles, but sometimes, when the situation is difficult, you may not want to turn on, turn off constantly, the wax will not burn correctly or that they are fragments of wax, which case it is convenient to the following:
First. Ensure that the candle is finished completely and burn all the wax.
Second. When you turn on or does not burn properly, it is because there are difficulties or adverse forces that are causing us to have many obstacles. In this case, we can help is to pray in front of the candle until it begins to burn properly, ideally Racna prayer (Racna is one of the names of God, and means The Creator Spirit, who conveys motion and order to the universe) :


Oh Racna;

You created all that exists,
You give movement;

As the atoms
that the planets;

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

since the order
it is no coincidence;

I can well understand
in Truth
That you, Racna
you are God
The dispenser of life;

The Great Spirit,
God, Allah,
The Law of Karma,
all are you,

And so,
I promise to be Faithful;

So be welcome
on your Divine kingdom.

Besides the above, we can burn a stick of incense and sandalwood scented with the aroma of a strawberry, so that, turn away the obstacles that will not let us progress.


- Ideally, you light the candles with wooden matches.

- You should put on a white dish.

- When we have a very difficult problem, the ideal is to light the candle with two wooden matches (Take two matches together with the right hand, to light them at the same time and then light the candle), so that once we have light the candle , we must turn off the matches with our fingers, in order to cause ourselves a small burn. However, it is important that this is only carried out when there are very difficult problems, because if it is done very frequently, it would decrease its effectiveness.