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Bast who is also known as Bastet (Although it is more correct: " Bast " ), is the Egyptian goddess who is depicted as a woman with a cat 's head as shown in the following illustration.

She is the goddess of fertility, love, sensuality, health, and protector of the home. In reality she was queen of Bubastis, and her true story is this: Several thousand years ago in the kingdom of Bubastis lived a beautiful princess with white skin and dark hair called Selene, in those days all the princesses used to wear long hair and fringe, But Selene did not like the fringe but did not hesitate to fulfill all her duties as a princess, at the death of their parents was not candidate for the king and his brothers had died a few years before, so that one side was the successor should be a man but on the other hand should be the king's son and of the principal wife, however Selene by her intelligence and daring achievement be recognized as absolute queen, while married to, what at first was not very well regarded but Selene with his intelligence make people accomplishment.

Here is a picture of Queen Selene.

At that time Egypt was composed of several kingdoms which in turn formed a sort of confederation, and in the center of Egypt had a battle because an evil prince named Seth, jealous that his brother had been crowned Pharaoh, and he did not, wanted to usurp the throne through deceit and machinations What he achieved with the help of some traitors of the realm. But he soon discovered everything, and Seth was expelled from Egypt, then the impostor wanted to take revenge and launched a terrible curse, causing a plague of rats to come into the cities, which were introduced in the barns, causing great losses, the problem was compounded and all the kingdoms of Egypt is in danger, people raised their prayers to the Creator Spirit (God), then was sent a archangel to prompted Queen Selene, who quickly became Bobcats bring to cities of Egypt and soon the Bobcats ended the plague, at the end Seth had to flee into the desert with all the traitors who supported him.
After the disaster, the Egyptians gave thanks to Heaven and to Queen Selene. And thereafter the Bobcats were welcome to Egypt and over time became cats, which even today are still prized for their pleasant company and because we get rid of the annoying pests.

It was for this great act of heroism along with others, that the Queen Selene came to be regarded as a goddess (One archangel or prophetess) and was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat.

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