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Amulet so that the car never breaks down

A car amulet is essential, because if we have a car or work with a vehicle; The fact that it breaks down is really annoying, therefore, so that the car never breaks down or if it needs to be tuned, this amulet will help us find a good, efficient, honest mechanic who will not steal part of our car.

It is made with a scale car, preferably one that looks like ours, but the most important thing is that it is silver in color and that both the hood and the doors can be opened, just like the one we show in the image.

The next step is to get a piece of clothing for our car, which can be a sunshade or a cover, which is made of fabric and preferably silver (since it represents protection). If we do not have any of the above, we must get one and use it in our car for at least three days so that it absorbs the vibration of our car. Immediately afterwards, we must cut a small square-shaped fragment and place it inside the scale model, as indicated in the image.

The next thing is to place a small magnet inside the model car and with a red marker draw three interlocking eyes on the windshield. Then, on the rear glass, we draw a Trisquel as seen in the image, and then close the chest and doors so that it looks like an ornament.

Finally, we need a small altar in our house, such as a painting with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a piece of furniture (table, chest of drawers, etc.). After the above, we must place our model car on the furniture (it should stay there as if it were an ornament), and we burn an incense stick (once lit with a match/wooden matches, we make circles in the air, three towards the left and then three to the right, trying to get the smoke to pass through the scale model and it is ready to protect our car, you just have to burn incense at least twice a month).

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