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Coyote Amulet

The sign of the coyote helps us to get lucky in love and the ability to get rid of any enemy.

There is also a sign of feathered coyote, which represents a link with who departed, especially our guardian angels and help us increase our psychic abilities.

Its two main talismans are:

• The Stone of the coyote, which are like small brown pebbles, and in reality are small tumors that usually occur in the heads of the coyotes and this type of talisman is ideal to escape from danger and to be lucky in love.

• Fang coyote, is ideal to escape from danger, and when combined with a charm that is associated with the goddess Bastet (Cat-headed goddess) becomes a powerful talisman for love.

It is not always easy to get that kind of talismans, plus it is rare for there breeding coyotes that do not affect wildlife, but another option is to use a stamp with the image of a coyote or the Coyolnahual as shown below:

(We can also write the following sentence to map the picture: Oh coyolnahual / Oh feathered coyote; / From where emerge the Cosmic Soul / come help me please; / I ask you to grant me luck in love / and get rid of those enemies I have; / That I promise you love / and make your fast.)