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It is common to hear talk of fairies, has even been written many stories about them, but in reality, they are angels who come to help us when we are in trouble, or simply because they like to help. In the case of the fairy godmother, they are guardian angels and can help us if we believe in them.

Something that may help us that fairies are close to us, is said to bring a picture of a fairy, but it is important that if the metal is told, is gold, otherwise, it is better to get a say otherwise material and then try to get one that is a bright color.

I said gold with the figure of a fairy.

There is a well-known Aad called Rosetta. She was a princess who lived in a nearby kingdom of England and she liked helping people, besides being beautiful and very cute, that's why everyone in the kingdom wanted the lot.
Rosette lived at the time of King Arthur, were even neighbors, and that Arthur lived in the kingdom of winged.

One day Rosette departed this world, and became a very special angel, thanks to its merits.
On one occasion some children playing near a waterfall, which saw a butterfly that followed, but then, when they approached her, and watched more closely, they realized that it was a little girl with butterfly wings that greeted, And then, when they returned home, told everyone what they had seen, without omitting any details, then, who knew Rosette, who knew she was on the description of the children and since then all the way reminiscent of that .

Above we see the image of beautiful waterfalls.
A fairies and especially Rosette, like gardens and waterfalls, because when Rosetta was a child, she likes playing in a waterfall that was close to the castle where she lived.

Then we see the figure of a fairy that is very similar to Rosetta

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