The ground is associated with motherhood and family.

- If in our dream CAN’T WORK THE LAND is a notice that tells us that we must begin to work harder to achieve our purposes.

- If we dream that a CHILD THROW US SOIL means that we have a dangerous enemy who is trying to hurt us somehow even witchcraft....

- To dream that we COLLECT PLANTING means prosperity and harmony are nearby.

- To dream about a DIRT ROAD (But that is not dusty) relates to fertility and marriage, for example: If in our dream we see a dirt road and also present someone we like, and long as she(he) does not reject or despise us, tells us to that person would like to marry us.

- Sometimes dreams also tell us what think and make our enemies from their plans to their beliefs, such as in our dream we see someone with a little suspect SOIL IN HAND, is because there is a person who usually resort to witchcraft and tries to hurt us, (In such beliefs the called “Cemetery earth” is frequently used in rituals and the dream shows us that way).

- If we are lying in the dream FACING THE GROUND, tells us we lust for possession.

- If in our dream we see our planet, the PLANET EARTH means protection and good luck.

- To dream that we PLOW means we have prosperity in our family.

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