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Dreams: Hu-Hz

Huamantlada (From: The tradition of releasing bulls through the streets...):
If we dream we participate in a Humantlada or Pamplonada and finally out safely, it means that we have overcome a difficult test.

- Dreaming about cheap huaraches (Low Quality), it means poverty.

- To dream that we hug someone of the opposite sex, but then his hug suffocating us, it means that someone appreciate, but we do not like or simply no longer want as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

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- If in our dream we see a huipil with embroidered red flowers, it represents good luck in matters of love.

- To dream that fought against Hulk, means that we expect a difficult battle against someone, or people who are members of an evil cult or some communist group.
- If a woman dreams that she is like Hulk, it means she has an emotional problem that is destabilizing or that person has trouble controlling his emotions for cause. It may also mean that who would like recently joined a cult and that it is destabilizing a little.

Human Resources:
- If we dream of someone from human resources, from our work or from a company, it means that in the following days we must try to have a good relationship and communication in our work or business, to avoid problems.

- If in our dream we see a bedroom or dorm very humble, it represents concerns matters of love and the couple.

It means that the attitude of our family to us is unjust.

- To dream that we act with humility means the opposite, that is, we should be less arrogant; but if we see someone we know to act with humility it means that person is being too arrogant.

If in the dream we see someone in a bad humor, it means that our new friends, bosses, relationships, etc., canīt become what we expected.

If we dream hunchbacks, or see someone hunched, promises us good luck.

This dream tells us that in the past we've gone through financial difficulties and shows us our fear of a repeat.
- If in our dream we are hungry and satisfy, it means that our fears are unfounded and that approximate times of plenty.
- If these dreams are repeated constantly and they never satisfy our hunger, means sexual hunger.
Sometimes, simply tells us that we are hungry.
- If we dream of a hungry and menacing wolf, represents someone who is prepared to do us harm.

In such dreams depends on who dream, if it is someone young, means to desire to start adventures. And if someone older who has the dream, signifies dissatisfaction internal problems.

It Symbolize a test to be faced and whose outcome we can emerge stronger. - If the dream is accompanied by positive emotions or ends well it will be a proof that we will overcome and we will emerge stronger mentally.
- If emotions are negative or the dream ends badly reflects the fear of events that we are unable to overcome and can bring us loss of property, friendships or an accident.

- If we dream that an uncle(aunt) tells us to hurry up, it represents a surprise related to the fact that someone is going to be pressuring us to correspond or to do something.

- If in our dream we hurt someone we know, it means that in real life we have hurt him in his pride or it is very likely that we will soon.
- If in our dream, we are hurt or injured, it means: damage to our pride.
- If we dream that a family member hurts or kills a fairy, it means that the family member killed the illusion of a wish we had in mind, or simply that family member does not sympathize with our desires.

- Seeing the husband as he is today means that you will soon be in for a surprise.
- If the husband is no longer in this world, consult the meaning of: Dead, and if we see him as a child, consult: Child.
- If a married person dreams of marrying or being married to another person, it means a desire towards that person with whom she is married or marrying in the dream.
- If a woman is not married and dreams of being married, it means the desire to marry someone, and if she dreams of children, it means desires to marry and have children soon.
- If a man dreams that the husband of someone he knows, chases him with a sword, it means that person is jealous, because he thinks that his couple cheats him.

Indicates misery and loneliness unless we take refuge in it, because then it means that we will be comforted by our friends.

This flower, means friendship and generosity.

View our dreams a hybrid means the merger of two ideas, for example, if our dream we see a white animal that is part horse and part dog, we must first look up the meaning of a white horse and a dog (a white horse means that our desires will be made and a dog represents loyalty primarily) and then we must combine the meanings, in this case:
- If you see a white horse that looks like a dog, that is, a hybrid of horse and dog, means that we will see our wishes carried out because of our loyalty.
- Another example is: Show a hybrid butterfly half white and half spider, it means that we are being reckless or careless and that we lack knowledge to avoid traps and deceit, (in this case we combine the meanings of a white butterfly and a spider.) This dream advises us to better analyze the situation and find a way to learn more things that might be useful.

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It symbolizes the cold beauty, and frigidity.

It symbolizes cowardice and evil passions.
- To dream about hyena tells us that we can suffer a betrayal, but if we do to flee the hyena, or overcome, means that we make it out unscathed from any betrayal.

- If in our dream we hear a hymn in a temple means good fortune, but if we hear out of it, it can mean sadness by a close relative.

by letter.

- Dreaming about us, hypnotize someone, it means that our influence will be very strong on those around us.
- To dream that someone hypnotizes us, predicts that we will submit for lack of power.
- If we dream someone hypnotizes one of our brothers, means the same as above, that is, Predicts that we will submit for lack of power.
- If we dream that we are hypnotized, but then we recover the awareness and control of our actions, represents the possibility of liberating someone or a bad influence.

This dream tells us that there is a danger of deceit.

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