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Dreams: He

The head represents intelligence and the soul.
- If in our dream we see that we have a BIGGER head than in real life, predicts an increase in assets.
- If we are with the SEVERED HEAD, predicts the loss of a position to take a better one. You can also interact with the phrase: "I'm losing my mind" (which suggests that something is worrying us too or we are losing concentration by thinking someone).

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This dream can tell us a migraine, if not that, then the dream is warning us, we will have problems that would last little, but worrying for its repetition.

- The headlights of a car, represents our vision, so if they illuminate well means that we have a good view of things, but if they do not light well, then it means that we do not have a good view of things.
- If in our dream we simply see a car or vehicle, and notice that the directional lights point to the right, it tells us that we are going well, but if they point to the left, it tells us that we must correct the way.

Headline (From a newspaper):
- If you dream you see the headline of a newspaper, augurs bad news, and if it looks cloudy, then it means that we will receive bad news about something that will not achieve fully understand. This dream advises us not be discouraged, because things can change at any time.

This dream tells us that our worries will soon end, in addition to that we will have a new chance of success in our projects.

- To dream that a healer makes us a purify mean we are well protected.

- To dream that a healer gives us a healing, means that we will manage to get out of a difficult problem.
It can also mean that we are well protected.

- This dream tells us that we will soon enjoy good health, and a little help from Heaven.

- If in the dream we are heard, it means that we must not fool ourselves with the attitude of the people. But if we who listen to others, means that we take into account the advice we received, that is good and will bring good luck.
- To dream that we will shout for someone to help us and not listen to us for whatever reason, it means that a serious danger approaches.

- If in our dream we see a hearse means suffering and sorrow.

The heart represents our feelings.
- If we dream a diseased heart means disease.
- If it is, a wounded heart, tells us it is very likely that the person of the opposite sex that we most love, sick soon.
- To dream of a red heart, means good luck in love.
- To dream of a black heart, means bad luck in love.
- If someone of the opposite sex tells us that we broke your heart, it means that we have liberated us from a commitment or a love that did not suit us.
Can also mean that there is a risk that we damage to someone we love either a family member, friend, partner, girlfriend, etcetera.

Heart attack:
- To dream that our dad had a heart attack, it means he could get angry and to feel hurt because of our behavior.
It can also mean that if we are not responsible and cautious enough, we can get to have a very unpleasant surprise, which also can leave us in a difficult situation.

- Dreaming of a warm climate means that we are protected, for example: That we will help soon. But if the heat is unpleasant, it can mean health problem.

Heat up:
- If a man dreams of a woman he knows, cook or heated a chiken broth, means to that woman has desire to marry with him.
- If we dream that the food is burned or is not well heated, warns us that we have much to learn to succeed.

Heathen/Pagan :
- If we dream that someone tells us that a certain thing is pagan, it means that we must find out more to know the reality of a certain matter.

- Cold or damaged indicates loneliness and sadness.
- On, means joy and happiness.
- If off, means emotional punishment.
- With smoke or soot: loss of control of a situation.
- If we burn with heating means slander.

This dream means that we want to achieve great things, but without making any effort, and advises us to be more active and to seek firm determination in our purposes.
But if in our dream we see a relative/friend who has already left this world in a beautiful place, like a beach or a place with waterfalls, it means that he/she is already in Heaven. r

Heavy things represent things or situations that make us tedious and difficult to handle.
- To dream that we have a bottle of vitamins, but suddenly we feel very heavy, so much that it falls out of our hands, it means that it is difficult for us to take care of our health or strengthen our willpower. What advises us to show more character and strengthen our health.

This dream warns us about some difficulties, but it also tells us that we can overcome them if we take advantage of the advice or consider the proposals that are made to us.

Predicts fights, disputes, persecution and disappointments.

Heels (Body part):
Seeing a heel in our dream is telling us about a weak point, either ours or someone we know. But if in the dream we see abused heels, it represents hard and poorly paid work.

- If in our dream we distinguish how heels are, it is additional information about a woman, and if we distinguish who wears them, then the meaning applies to that person.
- If it is BLACK SHOE for women with needle heeled, it is a woman of bad habits.
- If we dream that the heel of our shoe BREAKS, it means that there is a danger of a break with our couple/girlfriend.
- If it is a WHITE SHOES WITH A LOW HEEL, it is about honest and good woman.
- If it is a LOW BUT NEEDLE heeled shoes, it is about a woman who is sometimes good and sometimes bad.
- If it is a women's shoes with NORMAL heels, we must consult: “Shoes”.
- If it is a PLATFORM shoes (Of any color), it means that the person who wears them is a person of bad habits.

- If we dream that we are in one bedroom and there we see ATTRACTIVE of the opposite sex and we want to kiss or caress, but are so high that we can´t reach them, represents some people who are not in our power, for example, because they are married.
- If we dream that our EX walks with a person of smaller height than us, that is, that detail is what most remember from the dream, it means that she (he) walks with someone else, but it is someone who is not better we (in the sense that our ex knows it is not better than us in any respect).
- If a woman dreams that she is with her boyfriend and bring HIGH HEELS to reach her boyfriend that is too high, means she wants to be at its height in some aspect, for example: That he is highly regarded in some way and she tries to reciprocate the same way, he speaks another language and she has a desire to learn that language, he is in good physical shape and she didn´t and so on.
- To dream that we are SMALLER than in our waking life, it means difficulties to achieve our goals.
- To dream that we are TALLER than in our waking life, it means success.

- If in our dream we see a helicopter represents our ambition or our achievements.
- To dream that we drive a helicopter tells us we are managing to reach a higher spiritual level, or a higher level of consciousness.

In most cases, to dream of hell, means we are too carried away by evil or by our passions, in which case we advised to seek the right balance, for example: Drinking alcoholic beverages is not bad, evil is consumed in excess; Using our knowledge of martial arts to defend is not bad, evil would be that despite our aggressor and had given up, we continued the beating.

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If we say "Hello" to someone, it means that we will soon see that person.

by letter.

- Who is wearing the helmet is who tries to hide his intentions or personality to others or ourselves.
- If we dream that we got on the bike, but we noticed that we forgot the helmet, it means that we must not forget to take precautions in certain subject.

- If in our dream, someone we know, helps us, it means that person is our friend, or is on our side.

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- If in our dream we see a helpless child (An unknown child), representing a dangerous enemy, and it tells us that even if we see someone in a difficult situation, we should not be overconfident, because that person is in a situation only it makes it more difficult dangerous.

This dream tells us that we are in opposition with respect to some close relatives.

- If we dream that we have a hematoma caused by a blow or because someone has given us a blow, represent minor problems. Alternatively it may represent something that angers us or hurts us.

Homer J.Simpson (From: The character of the animated series):
Homer J. Simpson dream represents a person who is very weak character who always surrenders before time, which advises us not to rely too much on certain people, because they might make us look ridiculous.

That make us dream hemodialysis means that we are concerned about our health or may come to be concerned for that reason soon.

This dream portends us illness, or loss of life force.

It means that we take care of our health and our food.

- If the dream in a group or in their pen means backbiting and gossip.
- If the hen is laying eggs announces profits.
- If the hen is hatching eggs and white is forecast many benefits but small.
- If the hen is black announces small problems.

- If a man dreams of a henpecked, it means he must act more firmly.

Good tips are very useful to overcome a difficult situation.

- Announces wealth. The more herd (Fat and healthy) more wealth.
- But if our dream we see dead herd, it means that if we are not careful we expect poverty and difficulties.

This dream speaks of a likely inheritance or legacy.

- If we dream a hermaphrodite or that we are, reflects personality conflicts, if constantly repeated, the dreame advises us to seek medical and spiritual help.
- Dreaming of a hermaphroditic demon, tells us that we are being excessively sexually repressed, which advises us not allow it, because that can cause us a problem in sexual identity.

Hermes/Mercury (god of roads and messenger of the gods):
Hermes dream means that soon we will make a journey, or soon we will make a trip. - If we dream something allusive to Hermes (...As a poster, photo) but we see worn, talks about an unproductive trip, but if in good condition, then the dream tells of a journey that can be very useful.

- If the environment of the dream is clear, sunny and peaceful means tradition, study and patient and thorough work.
- If the atmosphere is night or cloudy presages heavy and meticulous study and work until boredom.

- If we dream that we operate in a hernia, tells us that we are releasing a dependency that we were being disruptive.

Dream that we are a hero symbolizes our strength and weaknesses. It can also represent our courage and how we control our fears.
- If in our dream we see a hero who is hidden to light means we must control our fears.
- If in the dream we see many heroes, and we are also a hero, means there are many people who share our ideals and help us even though we do not always realize it.

Hero, national:
- To dream of a national hero, means that we share some ideals or the ideals of that hero.
- If we dream or a national hero with his effigy , but we realize that we have a big nose or is a free-mason, tells us that sometimes the history books do not tell the whole truth and we thought some of the heroes in actually were not.

This dream tells us that difficulties can come with people around us who can betray us, so that we can see ourselves in a difficult situation, so it is a call to be careful and analyze the situation well.

If we dream that we contract herpes, it is advice that tells us that it is best to stay away from people or places where we can contract a disease, for example: People disreputable.

Hess, Rudolf:
To dream of Rudolf Hess represents racism or revenge. This dream advises us not get carried away too much about that kind of feeling.

This figure is similar to what we see in the combs of bees and is related to a Divine gift.
- If in our dream we see a window with a hexagon shape, we know you have psychic abilities

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