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Dreams: Ho

- To dream that someone we know is hoarse, means that this person usually speaks more than is due, which advises us to be discreet.

- If we dream that we grab or hold something, the dream tells us that we are trying to control something.
- To dream that we hold our mother means that we are trying to control our current situation. It may also mean that we are in need of a little help.

- If we see someone who know fall into a hole, means that person can have problems soon.

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- If we dream to go to school on Sunday or on a legal holiday, means that we need to study and prepare more, and in this case also tells us we need to study extra hours, for example: Take a course adjustment, or if we were already taking, then, tells us not to leave to attend our classes of regularization.

Holm oak:
It means strength and wisdom.
- To dream of an oak, we portend that we have enough protection and success in our projects, except when the oak is in poor condition, because then it means that it's likely that we fail to have the protection and success.

- If we dream we open a book about the Holocaust, it means that to avoid difficulties in the future, we must learn to be more sociable and considerate of others.

View a hologram in our dream, tells us that we must see whole panorama and not just one part.

Holy card:
- If we dream of a holy card with the image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) or with the image of an angel, it means that we are going through a difficult time, but soon we will have some Divine help.

Holy Infant of Atocha:
- To dream of the Holy Infant of Atocha, it means that we could soon go through a period of suffering, so we must be prudent.

Holy water:
To dream about blessed water or holy water means we will have good health physically and spiritually, but if it is the (supposedly holy water) holy water from a cult, then it means difficulties and disappointments.

This sign represents the place where we can dialogue with our conscience. It also represents our Being as a person, for example: seeing our house full of garbage means that the bad feelings around us are affecting us, such as slander. But if we dream that we take out the garbage from our house, it means that we have the situation under control and bad feelings are not affecting us, since we are taking them out of our house, which is equivalent to taking out the bad from our Being. Another important point is when our dream focuses on a particular part of the house, since each of them is related to a different subject, for example: The closet represents our possessions, the dining room our family relationships.

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Homer J. Simpson (From: The character of the animated series):
Homer J. Simpson dream represents a person who is very weak character who always surrenders before time, which advises us not to rely too much on certain people, because they might make us look ridiculous.

- To dream that we serve or help others or our homeland is a sign of Divine grace and good intentions; what will bring us good things in the long run.

- Means that there is something that needs to be done, such as a task or fulfill a responsibility.

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This sign represents something that can go wrong, and in other cases the desire to end up with something.
- To dream that you kill someone with an ACCOMPLICE says we want someone to stop putting in our affairs, yet we should not do reckless things, ie, tells us that we must act prudently in anything we do or plan to.
- If we KILL AN ANIMAL that is, we expect it to go away sad or upset anything for us. (In other cases: see killed, death.)

If in our dream we see a homophobic, representing a person who detests the way some people behave, for example: A person with obesity problems that can’t stand people who eat too much, that is, who hates people reminders of unresolved problems.

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If we dream that someone acts honestly, it means the opposite, that is, there is someone who could act or to be acting dishonestly.

If you dream of honey, means wealth and prosperity, it can also mean luck and happiness in love.
- If we dream that we canīt see well, and that our mother tells us, that we should not let them put honey in our eyes, it means that we should not be dazzled by something or someone that looks very good to the naked eye, but analyze well things (For example, if we want to buy a car and we see that they sell one that is absolutely beautiful, we should not let ourselves be carried away by our emotions, but analyze things well and first verify that it is legal and that, especially, the engine is in good conditions).

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A honeycomb represents our work or business, so if it looks good, it means that everything goes well, but if we see it destroyed or in bad conditions, it means that something is not right.
- If in our dream we see a honeycomb, where the bees are aggressive or act in a threatening way, it means that we feel rejected, but if the bees do not look aggressive, it means that we have the support of our family or of the people of our environment

It means: Union, Loyalty, Happiness in love or tenderness in the home.

It means conjugal happiness.
- To dream that we travel of honeymoon, means conjugal happiness.
- To dream that we forget or lose luggage, during our honeymoon, means that to ensure happiness in our marriage, we must be more sure of ourselves and try a little more.

This dream advises us to be more careful with those trying to flatter.

The character that appears hooded tries to hide his intentions or personality to others or to us.

- If we dream about the hoof of a zebra or we see a zebra and the most notorious are its hooves, it means that we should not let ourselves be dominated by others or by a certain person.

- This dream tells us that soon we must overcome an obstacle.

It means that we will soon be disappointed.

Hops (Plant):
It means sincere and devout love. Fidelity and joy in the home.

Hopscotch, game:
- Children's games like hopscotch, reflect our desire to escape the problems of daily life.

- Dreaming of a horn is a reminder that disasters can happen.
- If in our dream we heard the sound of a car horn, means there is a danger.

- If it is horns of a BULL, mean strength and fertility.
- If it is horns of a DEER, it means: Success.
- If we dream that EVERYONE HAS HORNS but then cut them all, but to us, it means that others (People in our circle of friends, work, family, etc.) have changed their bad attitude and we missed only us.
- If we dream that a LION OR TIGEN WITH HORNS bites us, represents an aggressive attitude against someone who is cheating us. It can also be a warning to the effect that we should be careful with someone who can get to become aggressive because of jealousy or because he thinks that we are betraying.
- If we see them ON THE HEAD of someone it means infidelity.
- If the horns are of a RAM OR A SHEEP, it means aggression.
- If in the dream we see a buffalo or even ox very SMALL BUT WITH BIG HORNS (Great horns in proportion to their size), means that only through patience and hard work will achieve what we want.

This dream speaks of needs that we have failed to satisfy. But if the dream is morbid tells us that our sex life is boring or difficult.

- To dream that we consult the horoscope portends troubles.
- If we who predict the fate to others, indicates that these people will be useful.
- If we dream that the horoscope or zodiac tells us that are incompatible with our girlfriend(boyfriend) or suitor, means the opposite, that is, the dream tells us that if we are compatible.
- If we dream that the horoscope or zodiac tells us that if we are compatible with our girlfriend (boyfriend) or suitor, means the opposite, that is, the dream tells us that we are incompatible (For example: Too different or that we canīt understand).

- If we dream that we are in a horrible place it means that we may have to face some problems and troubles. It may also mean that there are bad intentions against us.
- If in our dream we are still horrible, it means shame in circumstances of confrontation with our enemies. But if the ugliness we see in someone else, means that there are bad intentions against us, and if we recognize, means that evil intentions come from that person.

Horror house:
- If you dream that entered the horror-house (of which there are at amusement parks), says it is likely to face some problems and dislikes.

- View a HORSE PENALTY punishing ourselves or a horse, it means that we will suffer false accusations.
- If we FALLING OF A HORSE, means losses or failures.
- If we are GIVING TO A HORSE PASTURE, augurs wealth.

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Horse rider:
- If we master well the horse, it means we control our passions.
- If we fail to master well the horse, it means that we are not dominating well our passions, which can bring us problems.
- If we are children, it means we want to have more action and adventure.
- If in the dream we see an unknown man on horseback, representing an enemy.

To see a hose in our dream represents sexual pleasure, unless accompanied by negative signs, since that means that we are not achieving sexual pleasure.

Hose, riot:
- If we dream that a policeman wet us with a riot hose, it means that we must avoid doing improper things, since we could get ourselves into problems.

Find a horseshoe , promises good luck. Losing augurs money problems.
- If we see shoeing a horse , the dream tells us that we have good projects, we can also bring benefits.

- If in our dream we see the sign called "Eye of Horus" inside a triangle, it means that someone is manipulating us.

- This dream indicates concern for our health, but if we go to the hospital, it is a warning that we must separate or end a business in which we have recently involved. It can also be a warning of problems caused by the evil intentions of someone, depending on other signs that appear in the dream.
- If we have a friend or family member who is hospitalized and we dream that doctors tell us that he(she) is wrong, it means it's okay. And if we dream that doctors tell us that he(she) is not safe, it means if he was safe.
- To dream that we wake up in a hospital means problems caused by the intrigues and bad intentions of someone.
- If in our dream we see a sick enemy in a hospital, says it is likely that one of our enemies get sick or have problems soon.

If present hospitality in our dream, the dream augurs happiness.

This dream portends us peace and happiness, as long as there is a crucifix close, because then, means confusion and suffering.

- Being kidnapped means bad luck in business.
- If we dream that someone kidnaps an unknown person, it means that there is a near danger to our activities.
- If we kidnap a loved one, it means success in love.

- Dreaming that one woman hostess offers a yogurt (Especially if the dreamer is a man) tells us to learn how to behave with the ladies.

Hot cakes:
- If we dream about hot cake with honey, it means good luck in love and eat and it tastes sweet and pleasant means pleasures.
- If in the dream we see a hot cake only (No honey or anything) when in our waking life accustomed to eating honey, jam, caramel, chocolate or some other sweet thing, it means bad luck in love.

Hot dog:
- If we eat ALONE, it means: Sadness and loneliness.
- To COOK a hot dog, it means family agreement.
- If the hot dog is very COLD or frozen: health nuisances.
- If we are EATING ACCOMPANIED means friendship and affinity with others.
- Dreaming of a LONGER THAN NORMAL hot dog, tells us that we will soon have more energy and strength to face any situation.
- If the hot dog is NICE TO EAT, it indicates promising developments. But if it is bitter anguish and loneliness.
- If we do NOT LIKE THE TASTE, it portends that we will face something unpleasant. And the same means, if we have difficulty chewing and swallowing.
- OFFER A HOT DOG: happiness at home, but if we dream that someone offers us a hot and I declined: family conflicts.
- If this SOUR means discomfort and distress, unless the hot dog is for someone else who is in our dream, because in this case means that person will be suffering from discomfort and distress.

Hot tub:
- If we dream that we get in a hot tub without water, it means that we need to do something important to achieve our purposes.

If we see a hotel in our dreams, it means that we are experiencing a change of mind or a change of identity. What advises us temporarily away from our daily routine.
- If in the dream we arrived at a hotel and when we get the bill, we see that it is CHEAP, it tells us that we have the opportunity of a favorable change and we must seize it. At least then we realize that the hotel is poor, since then means that to achieve a favorable change we must better analyze the situation and make things right; in the latter case, it may also mean that we got something of little value, for example: a hypocritical friendship, poorly paid work .....
- If we dream that we live in a LUXURY hotel, it reveals the desire of a more luxurious and brilliant life.
- If we dream that we are the MANAGER of a hotel, it reflects the desire to have power over others or to handle them.
- If we dream that we live in a MODEST AND DILAPIDATED hotel, it means conformism.
- If a man dreams that your PET, this dying shot and stained with his own poop in the bathroom of a hotel room usually is used by prostitutes, is a board that says, that away from that place, as it could catch a venereal disease.
- STRAYING into a hotel, it indicates that in real life we are frightened by circumstances that deviate from those to which we are accustomed.
- A hotel with STONE FURNISHINGS, it means that we should not be too hard on ourselves, and take a break from time to time. - If we are married and we dream that our WIFE(HUSBAND) gives a kiss while we are in a hotel, it means that she(he) would like to get away from the daily routine and spend more time with us.

- If in our dream we see a jelly on a hotplate, means that if we remain too soft, will soon be in trouble.

Hour, time:
- If we see a watch or clock, mark a specified time, the message will be associated with that time, for example, if the clock mark an hour morning or noon is a good sign, it indicates that something good is starting. But if the clock mark an hour after noon, warns us that a stage in our life is about to end.
- If for example in our dream we see a watch this stopped, is a reminder that we are not moving forward in something that is important, it can also mean that our time in this world is ending.

- To dream that we housebreaking a place, it means that something is being hard to get us, which advises us to be steadfast in our determinations, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

This type of vehicle can move both in water and on land, so that its meaning depends on whether we dream in the water or on land, so that if on land, its meaning is the same as: "Vehicle ", in which case we see that word. But if we see it on the water, then we see: "Boat".

It warns of a danger which threatens us.

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