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Dreams: Hi

Announces several annoyances with friends and business.

- If a man dreams that his girlfriend or love makes him a hickey (Lovebite) means that she wants everyone to know he's your love and that is not available to anyone else.

- If in our dreams, we see ourselves hiding, it means that our insecurity is causing us problems to achieve a solution to our problems.

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Hiding place:
- If in our dream we see cockroaches tucked in secret, it is an enemy that has not been released (Someone who has been harming or attempting to harm us, but who has not been released).

It means that we decipher an important knowledge.
- It can also mean something that can happen I can not understand at all, but it is important to analyze in order to achieve decipher.

High-heeled/High heels:
Dream about high-heeled, means:
- If a man dreams of a white high-heeled, means you will receive a marriage proposal or at least a hint.
- If a man dreams of a woman wearing silver high-heeled and are dressed in pink, it means that there is a woman who wants to be her lover or girlfriend.
- If a man sees an acquaintance who is wearing black and sensual high-heeled, it means she has bad habits, and is a tip for not engaging with that person.
- If a man in his dream is the leg of a lady who is wearing gray high-heeled and socks that do not match or do not look good, then there is a woman who wants to be her lover or girlfriend, but also dream says it would be a depressing and boring dating.
- If a woman dreams about crocodile-leather high-heeled, then you have strength and determination to achieve all their goals.

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High school:
- If someone who is about to enter high school dreams that he is going to look for his brother at high school and that when he arrives he sees him dizzy, it means that now that he is entering high school, he must be responsible for not losing control (for example : Because when living with many older people, there is the danger of falling into drugs, alcoholism, an unplanned pregnancy, etc.).

- If a woman dreams that wearing a hijab, when in reality she does not wear such clothes, it means that someone wants to she has less participation or low participation in an important issue.

- If in our dream, we are climbing a mountain or a hill, it means that we will succeed in our purposes.
- If we canīt reach or fall down, it means that we will not achieve our goals, our lack of conviction.
- To dream that it is night and we're looking towards a hill, and then, watching for it, we see that there is light at the top; means that a relative or friend who recently left this world has come to Heaven.
- View a temple atop a hill portends good things to come and we will have Divine help.
- To dream that climbed a hill and then from there we fall into a lake, means that there is a danger of not achieving our goals for our lack of conviction, or because we canīt control our emotions.

Himmler, Heinrich:
To dream of Heinrich Himmler, represents racism or revenge. This dream advises us not get carried away too much about that kind of feeling.

- If in our dream someone hinders us, it means that we will have problems because of others. And according to our current situation, problems can also be caused by our own indiscretion or lack of prudence

This sign tells us that we will be successful in love, at least the dream is unpleasant, because then it means we will have health problems.

View or be a hippie, means that we must be more responsible, or less profligate, that is, we should avoid intemperate behavior.

It symbolizes brute force, pulse, startups, and vices that we are very difficult to master.
- Dreaming about a hippopotamus chasing us, represents an impulse or an aspect of ourselves that we control is being difficult.

- If we dream that hires a person, means that we need help and support for our projects.
- If someone hires us, predicts that someone will propose new perspectives in the workplace.

- This dream augurs happiness in family time or quiet and repose.
- If in our dream we see the history of what happened to a girl whom we do not know it means you are going, exactly the opposite.

- To dream that we HIT SOMEONE WITH A BASEBALL BAT means that we have a desire for revenge.
- To dream that suddenly someone gives us a hit and BREAK OUR TOOTH of the front (incisors), means that there is a danger that someone damaged our reputation.

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Hit with a stone:
In most cases it represents the intention or action of telling someone their truths (Tell the blunt truth, tell some hometruths), either directly or indirectly.
- If we dream that we kill someone we know, with stones, represents our desire to tell that person, all their truths, so that, stop meddling in our affairs.
- If we dream that someone throws a stone at us and it falls on our heads, it tells us that we should think carefully about what we are planning to do, since there is someone who can bother us and attack us in some way.

- Adolf Hitler's dream, signifies a desire for revenge.
- Dreaming of Hitler kills a person, means we want revenge on someone.

If in the dream we simply see a hitman, it means that we want someone very annoying to stop meddling in our affairs.

- If you dream that we CONTRACT HIV-VIRUS, means we can soon get to health problems; it can also mean that we are in danger of disease infect. This dream advises us to be cautious and get an amulet for health.
- If in our dream we see DEPRAVED ACTS and then we see anything that has to do with HIV-virus, tells us to be more disciplined in sexual matters to avoid infect a venereal disease or to develop a psychological problem caused by, for example, which have lately been watching too much pornography.
- If we dream that someone we know, go for a MEDICAL EXAMINATION and the doctor says he has not contracted HIV-virus means he suffering from a venereal disease. But if the doctor diagnoses HIV-virus means that this healthy and not suffering from venereal disease.
- If we dream that our sister(brother), tells us that the PERSON WE LIKE have HIV-virus, means that we must be cautious towards that person, because it could infect a venereal disease, or because there is a person very unfaithful.

by letter.

To dream that we have hives, or that someone else has hives, means that we are worried, or we will be worried about difficult problems, but with a little Divine help, everything will be fine.
- If we dream that a scorpion bites us and causes us a hive, it represents a treacherous enemy that can cause us difficult problems, or that is causing them.

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