Dream about High-heeled, means:

- If a man sees an acquaintance who is wearing BLACK AND SENSUL HIGH-HEELED it means she has bad habits, and is a tip for not engaging with that person.

- If a woman dreams about CROCODILE-LEATHER HIGH-HEELED means she have strength and determination to achieve all their goals.

Here we see a crocodile high-heeled.

- If in our dream we see a GLASS shoe, of the opposite sex means likely marriage may also represent true love. But if it breaks, it means risk of breakup with someone we love.

- If you dream of a woman who wears PLATFORM SHOES, the dream tells us that this is a person of bad habits.

Here is a platform shoe.

- If a man dreams about a GLASS PLATFORM-SHOE represents a unfortunate compromise, this is, representing someone could formalize a relationship or even married but who ultimately disappointed us.
And if he sees someone who looks like a woman whom he knows or has something in common with her, and notice she's wearing glass platform-shoes, means that if he were to formalize a relationship with that person in the long run disappoint him.

- If a man in his dream see the leg of a lady who is wearing GRAY HIGH-HEELED and socks that do not match or do not look good, then there is a woman who wants to be her lover or girlfriend, but also dream says it would be a depressing and boring dating.

- If a man dreams of a woman wearing SILVER HIGH-HEELED and are dressed in pink, it means that there is a woman who wants to be her lover or girlfriend.

- If a man dreams of a WHITE HIGH-HEELED, means you will receive a marriage proposal or at least a hint.

- It is also advisable to consult shoe.


This sign is associated with the commitment and freedom.
- If we are without shoes or footwear, is a warning that we may be subject to the other.
- If we are to children's shoes, tell us we're being immature.

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