- To dream that we HIT SOMEONE WITH A BASEBALL BAT means that we have a desire for revenge.

- If a woman dreams that SOMEONE HIT HER BOYFRIEND BY JEALOUSY, this is a tip that tells her, it's best to stay away from problematic situations before they get complicated and out of their control.

- To dream that suddenly someone gives us a hit and BREAK OUR TOOTH of the front (incisors), means that there is a danger that someone damaged our reputation.

- To dream about our BROTHER OR SISTER hits us, but then he(she) asks we to forgive, says it is likely that brother (sister) make us suffer some disappointments.

- If we see in the dream SOMEONE KNOWN WITH A CHILD, whether it be with or just what it says it is his son (but if it is a child who does not have in real life, That is, only your child is in the dream) and he(she) suddenly hits he(she), it means that person did not support our enemies, even though they insist on you to help them do us harm.

- To dream that our DAD hits us, it means we're having trouble getting our purposes because of our guilt complex, which advises us to change our attitude.

- To dream that we HIT AN ENEMY AND TO DO, he turns to stone it means we have a very strong and persistent enemy. But by becoming stone is cracked or broken, then, means that we will defeat despite his strength and persistence.

- If WE ARE IN A FIGHT and won, means victory. But if we lose the fight, means failure.

- If in our dream we see a FIGHT AND BOTH CONTENDERS ARE BLOODIED, means that we have had bitter and heavy fighting with our enemies.

- If in the dream GIVE OR RECEIVE HITS, means trouble passengers.

- If we dream that we hit someone with a MEDIEVAL MACE, the dream tells us that we have the ability to cause problems and difficulties people around us. But if we hit someone with a medieval mace to having two balls with spikes, then tells us to defend our interests may seem that we are being bad or too severe.

- To dream about our favorite PET betrays us and for that reason we hit it represents a friend or a person who is pretending to be our friend, it can get us to cause problems if we got to reveal secret or important information.

-If we dream that a POLICE officers, we're having trouble getting our purposes because of our guilt complex, which advises us to change our attitude.

- If we RECEIVE HITS WITHOUT KNOW WHERE THEY COME, means that after passing some problems, we prosperity.

- If it is a SLAP, means:

- If we dream that we are SLEEPING IN OUR BED AND SOON SOMEBODY HIT US while we still sleeping; and the next morning woke up sore, means a pesky spirit been bothering us. This dream advises us to get a silver amulet and place it inside the pillow.

- If we hit something SOMETHING SOLID, predicts problems and complaints.

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